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    John Park

    People often talk about bicycles as a good BOV option.  I just wanted to share this link on how to make a makeshift hitch so you could attach a shopping cart or some such to your bike.  I think a rigid attachment like a stick would be more awkward.

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    James Mitchner

    Innovative.  However, I don’t think the air hose connections will be very durable over time.

    I have a child’s bike cart.  We bought it to take our Grandson along on bike rides.  Will carry about 50# of weight.  Now that he’s too big, I plan on keeping it around just for the purpose of the hand-built trailer.

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    James.just run a piece of multi strand wire or para.cord through the air hose first to increase durability.

    Only problem wi be unweildly in instant dismount  situation, and you have to stay on flat surfaces that are hard. May your wheels never wobble lol.

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    I have thought about a bike for a BOV but in a dire situation how safe would you be.  They are not made to ride in dirt trails very well. And if you needed to stay off roads to keep from being mugged by a gang of people looking for food, etc. That would be a bit hard. I am thinking more along the lines of a dirt bike that you could use to keep out of site better from anyone that might try to do you harm. At least you could hide better. There could come a time when riding a bike on the main roads or even on roads that are a bit less traveled might make it hard. Anyway I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to say.

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    Olivia Green

    just to see if this will post.

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