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    11 years old will be the age of consent for vaccinations. These vaccinations can also be hidden from medical records accessible to the minor’s parents


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    Wow, this is so wrong. What if that child had an allergic reaction to it. Then who will get sued when the parents find out what happened and it was concealed. I already know no one in my family is getting this vaccine.  To many things about it that is not adding up, including messing with your DNA.

    I am getting ready to check into ChADOX1-S (recombinant) gene cloning MRC-5= aborted fetus. Lung tissue of a male 14 week old fetus. And MHRA a PEG chemical.

    These are things I have found out about this vaccine for the corona virus. Going to be doing a lot of research on this. It will not be good. As it has repercussions. It will effect you in ways you won’t like.

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    This is a brazen bill. What happens if the kid gets sick from a vaccine?  How will the insurance co bill the parent for services? Most children dont carry an insurance card. This is a hornet’s nest for sure.

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