Black vultures are roosting in Kentucky and eating animals alive

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    Crow Bar

    So, this is a threat I never even considered.
    Granted, around here, we have the less aggressive Turkey vultures.
    But I did have one goat kidd out in the field this year, much to my surprise. Had it been a black vulture, things might of gone differently. And I’d be pissed.
    I get they are protected, and they do serve a purpose in the eco-system.

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    I have seen ravens kill a calf… vultures here other than human

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    people around here have been shooting crows  lately . Why ? because they chase off birds of prey that are needed for rodent control . Crows don’t do anything but eat and poop .

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    We were driving back from a friend’s place today and as we left, pulled up to a stoplight. My daughter said, “What the heck is that bird?” and there was a vulture sitting right up there in the small town of Vinton, Virginia.

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    Jack Simonton

    Hey Crow, I agree with you, and it’s, really a fine thread. The vultures are more aggressive than the people and also more when they become so hungry. I saw a rabbit eating grass, but the vulture targets the rabbit and come on the side of the air and fly away with it and sit down on a tree and eating it within one and a half hour. I just follow everything and think about it and shocked.

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