BLM protesters clash with NYPD after marching onto George Washington Bridge

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    “Look how much power we had. We sat on the bridge for 20 minutes. We shut the whole city down,” said one protester, who wouldn’t give his name.

    “Then we came down here and police started beating the s–t out of us,” he added. “It’s going to take 100,000 years to clean all this up.”

    Hmmm….that does not exactly sound like a clarion call for The Cause.  It is neither sensible nor mature.  Obviously so many tag-alongs for this “movement”  [ which ever movement we’re talking about at the moment]  are into the emotional exhilaration.  Hmph!  Find a new hobby!  Sky-diving isn’t such a bother to others.

    “Look at how much power we had”   …..not….exactly, youngling.  Not exactly.  Rolls eyes; shakes head.  I would advise them all to please look up the historical term;  “useful idiots”.  If the shoe fits…

    Power is a word that applies to folks several rungs up this rioting ladder from those in the streets.  Those in the streets are quite disposable to those who REALLY are powerful.

    Not that any previous generation was any brighter at that age….not trying to claim that.  Individuals in each generation are brighter tho….

    OldMtWoman …a lot of this is very sad  🙁

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      Crow Bar

      I dunno.
      Wife was paraphrasing a article to me about how the current generation (those in their 20s) having been coddled most of their lives, are lagging emotionally. They are still in the mid-teens maturity thinking emotionally.
      This is not saying all are, as my daughter fits into that demograph and thinks a lot of these people need to grow up. She saw it on campus when she was in college.

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