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    Damgood Hunter

    Has anyone been out chasing deer? Went out last night had an 8 pt and 10 pt chasing a doe around. Rattled and grunted at them for 45 minutes, had them coming in and wouldn’t you know the farmer drove by in the combine and spooked them. It was a night to remember! Can’t wait to get out again!

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    James Mitchner

    Don’t really have to chase’em here. Seems like they are all over the place… until hunting season begins. *laugh* Muzzle loader season for deer begins here on Nov. 3. Archery season has been in from a couple of weeks already. I don’t bow hunt any longer but will try to put some meat in the freezer with the muzz.

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      Damgood Hunter

      Whirlibird sounds like you are having an amazing season! Congratulations any big bucks?

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    Crow Bar

    I go out with a firearm, I see nothing.

    Go out without a firearm, I see all kinds of things. Grouse, woodchuck, deer, turkey, the occasional fox, squirrels, wood cock, porcupine, fisher, beaver, duck, geese, and once a skunk . . . thankfully.

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    We went out last month and went 3 for 3 on antelope.
    Then went out and got 4 of 5 deer tags filled.
    Been out a couple of times now after elk, first time not having ‘late season’ tags, haven’t seen one.

    We hunt rifle only, but my son and I were considering bow and black powder next year to bump up the antelope and deer tags and potentially skip the elk.
    This conversation was on the way home this morning after seeing no elk in an area supposed to be loaded with them.

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      James Mitchner

      The big game interest here is deer, black bear, and turkey. SW Virginia is beginning to get a few elk. Kentucky stocked elk about ten years ago and the elk have trouble recognizing state lines. Since Virginia had no elk regulations, deer hunters were putting elk in the freezer permit free. Didn’t last long, however, as the state saw a new opportunity to sell tags. Now you have to use one of your deer tags. My county is one of the best for both deer and bear, and is the best for wild turkey. Rode the UTV out this afternoon checking several good deer stand locations.

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