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    Crow Bar

    So, my normal breakfast is granola of some kind, with whole milk, and a piece of fruit.

    But I have been craving breakfast sausage, with eggs, maybe some green onions, and grits with sharp cheddar cheese over the past few days.
    Maybe with some bread.

    So, I am thawing out a hunk of boston butt now.
    Will make in the next few days.
    Report back later.

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    We make our sausage from venison, without adding any fat. Then we fry it with a little bacon grease.

    Its gotten to the point where ‘normal’ sausage is almost too greasy.

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    Crow Bar

    Whelp, made a small error: The hunk of pork I had, had a bone in it so that threw off my weights and measures for the salt a little bit.
    I tried to compensate with additional brown sugar.
    For me, still a little too salty, but I am somewhat salt adverse. I used to avoid salt at all costs! I have gotten better.

    Otherwise, it is pretty good.

    Got to use my new sausage stuffer. It is a hand crank one, waaaayyyy better than the Kitchenaide attachment I have used in the past. More control.

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    Crow Bar

    Just had some for breakfast.
    This is after it has had sometime (overnight) for the flavors to meld, and with the additional sugar added.
    It turned out even better!
    Just enough sugar to off-set the salt.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Yeah most sausages and jerky need to sit overnight or longer to soak in the real flavor. I like to let them rest before cooking when possible. Problem is that I’m hungry 😂

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    Ana Pirs

    HI! I like milkshake or smoothie for Breakfast!)

    And want to recommend one tasty recipe –
    Sesame Seeds Milk with Honey
    need only :
    5 tbsp White Sesame Seeds
    2 cups Water
    1 tbsp Honey
    ½ tsp (optional) Vanilla

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