Bricks, fires, frozen bottle projectiles: the organized tactics of America’s vio

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    yeah hard to believe that is not coordinates with police… video(s) of police droping off brick and other stuff. People paying protesters to get violent.


    Police shooting handcuffed people on the ground in the back with bean bag. Shooting kid in the head with rubber bullets, paint/pepper balling people on their porch. Years of brutality and now comes the backlash ….and of course only way to solve is move violence right use military …. and yet USA has balls to condemn other regimes for doing just that. No different just same type of people at the top.


    And if you think this rioting has not been planned 50 at in Philly blown open , Rolex store vault opened in sAnya Monica.  These are not things that random people can do with whats at hand.


    Also note which buildings get burned these things in common mostly … Insured for riots, owned by certain group. Or next to expansion properties for that group, low cost housing or rent  controlled  after burn down can do things with it  you can not do while standing. Financial combustion.


    Always follow the money to see who gains. A lot of stuff owned by Bain and company consulting  or their clients. Never heard of them take a look and see who owns it and who they represent… it’s just a coincidence right … sure…have a bridge to sell you if you believe  that.


    Right now all you can do is survive this and ride it out you need to get more food cause the famine is coming sooner rather than later I dot think this can hold till Sept.  Already they are degrading rating for production of wheat world wide. There are no beans to plant and the weather is crap for growing.

    Beans make the one of the base food supply for  almost all feed for animals.





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