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    John Park

    I am ignorant when it comes to these matters.  I hear terms like “Darkweb”, “Tor”, and “Onion”, and have no idea how they operate or how to use them.
    Could anybody provide a remedial explanation of what they are and how to use them – or post any links to online tutorials?

    Thank you!

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    Mouse Wizard

    In the following order:  install it

    How to Stay Anonymous Online Using Tor?

    TOR Anonymity: Things Not To Do While Using TOR

    While connected via Tor, create a NEW email account for anonymous activities using one of the secure email sites. Use to find them. Then, create NEW accounts for all your survival-related sites where you login, using your new anonymous email address. From now on, use only those accounts, and use them only via Tor.

    You’re basically creating a new, anonymous identity online.

    Don’t shift suddenly to the new accounts. Continue using the old accounts and slowly stop using them. You’re establishing a pattern of becoming gradually disillusioned with survival-related stuff (at least the hard core stuff) and becoming interested in other activities like backpacking, geocaching, etc.

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    Not sure ,but I Have heard that TOR is partially funded by the US Government …………………thats a red flag for me .

    You might want to look into a VPN that bounces your location to make it appear that your in another country .

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    The question is why would anyone care about my interest in cast iron pots, gardening and the like?

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      Ragnar Aiel

      @whirlibird – Likely they wouldn’t. But if you own guns or post about them, or worse, criticize the government, “they” likely would keep a record of your activities. There have been numerous ex-NSA and ex intelligence agency people like Russ Tice and William Benny who have said for a long time that ALL of everyone’s activity online is being recorded and stored in the data vaults like that monstrosity in Bluffdale UT. Plus, who knows, maybe they’ll outlaw cast iron pots tomorrow! :O

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    What is important when picking a VPN vendor and can anybody reccommend one?


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    Ragnar Aiel

    What Mouse wizard says is good advice. An alternative email site I use is Protonmail. It’s not based in the Internet gulag, the US, and if what they say is to be believed, they aren’t selling their users email and data like Gmail and other traitorous companies are.

    Also, if you have the misfortune, as I do, to be stuck using Windown 10 (which I call Malware X), it tracks pretty much everything you do regardless of wither you have the setting turned “off”. This pisses me off to no end.. I plan on installing a second blank HD in my computer and putting a fresh copy of Linux on it to use as a separate OS. I’ll use MalX to play games, and use the Linux drive to do anything online like forums, chatting, buying stuff and researching.

    It’s pretty bleak in terms of privacy nowdays. But I refuse to just accept this situation. I can’t not fight it. I wish you well in your quest for privacy and freedom online @john Park 😉

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    I have heard the same thing. We are already having our e-mails and things we do on line watched. I have had a VPN for about 2 years or more. I also have been using duck duck go for just as long. I just don’t feel that even that can stop them from spying on these sites. There are hundreds of survival sites out there that are being watched. To my surprise I can’t believe what some of these put on there. I saw one not long ago bragging about buying up 3000 rounds of ammo. So you know there is a red flag brewing. He had a lot of other mess on there that would raise a red flag. I don’t want to be a part of that type of forum.

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    John Park

    Mouse Wizard, I just wanted to say thank you for the guidance, it is much appreciated and I am starting to put it into use.

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