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    Crow Bar


    This was cute!

    Dont know about everyone else, but finding .22LR is as rare as hen teeth.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    We had plenty on the shelf till bout September.
    I can say I’d recommend using up the 22s before the centerfire stuff in most cases for practice.

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    Crow Bar

    I usually keep a fair supply of .22LR on hand.
    Last fall, I saw a brick of Federal Auto loader .22LR on the shelf of the local store and bought it. Have not even opened it yet.

    Been shooting air for practice. Stocking up on pellets/slugs too while I can still get them.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    On a side note last year I inherited some 22 ammo from my passed FIL. I was shocked when my MIL gave it to me because I was with him in 1983 at TG&Y when we bought it.
    It had sat on an open shelf in the garage. I thought yeah these Remingtons ain’t gonna work.
    Every single one has fired and is accurate. I saved some for the future just to see.

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      Crow Bar

      1983? Wow! Well, Remingtons QC was a might bit better back then.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      I guess. Maybe a different primer formula. I dunno

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, a good friend I knew in the USMC, he was going to take his kids out for a fun shoot. Picked up a box of Remington brick of like 800 rounds of ammo at the Wally-World for like $10.
    Before they went out, I gave him a few boxes of SK Plus .22LR ammo.

    Come Monday, he said every 3rd round of the Remington ammo went “click”, instead of “BANG!”

    But the SK ammo I gave him, “BANG!” every time.

    I think I have less than 5 missfires with the SK Plus line of ammo. That is out of 3 or 4 500ct bricks.
    Ely, Lapua, RWS are all also good brands.

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