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      Fred Kruger

      A boat can be a semi autonomous home… better than an RV. Make your own water… fish is good and a trade good. Large fuel tanks … and sails can move ya with very little fuel.

      There are ways to live aboard cheaply. First stay away from traditional marinas.

      As a land base I’ve chosen the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Small population…low crime… good weather … can still buy a lot cheaply. No heating Bill’s and a year round growing season.

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      Have you bought the boat or the land? I’m curious what the boat, in particular, will run you both initially and in upkeep. I’m a big advocate of owning farmable land that has its own water.

      Montserrat has an extremely active volcano that killed a lot of people, doesn’t it? It seems to me that there may be a good reason why you can still buy that land cheaply! You might be able to tap it for geothermal energy, though…

      Interesting post.

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      Fred Kruger

      Boat was bought in 2011 after the last financial crisis. Paid 20 cents on the dollar for it …lots of good deals on boat especially if you are a hands on type… 60 ft aluminum built in 2003. Had it in storage until I retired in 2016. Now I’m using it and in the process of upgrading as a more seaworthy home. I do almost all my own work even welding in the stern tube and strut bearing.
      As to Montserrat the central hills and the silver hills were never in danger… washing yes but that’s it. I bought in the least safe of the safe zone while the volcano was still glowing red.
      Now it’s gone inactive and the last time it was dormant was for 400 years.
      Yes I’m a doer and risk taker.
      Isn’t it time for action not just words.
      Willing to help worthy people get started.

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      Fred Kruger

      Ashing not washing… dam spell checker.

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