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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Before covid hit I made these for folks on the team in case city/rural services were disrupted. Use a high speed bit to pop a hole in the top then use a reciprocating saw to cut the top off. Let it fall to the bottom to double the thickness where the coal bed is. Then drill a series of air holes.
    You’ll still need a pit or something to dump the remains every so often.
    It’s a much better option than letting it pile up. Use sense on what goes into it.
    Back in the day I used to get mom and grandma’s hair spray containers. I’d get the fire going then toss them in and run 😂 all fun n games till the rusted trash can splits out and catches the pasture on fire.

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    We used to use burning barrels.  When through a few of them.  But like everything else we live in what used to be country to urban and now way to much building going on. We are no longer aloud to have them anymore. The last fire we had produced some smoke and my neighbor whom was one of the neighborhood trouble makers son, called the fire department. We were burning after 4 pm and no wind. Hose was right there. Funny thing, the smoke did not go in their direction. They used to put our news paper in mail box each morning. I go to get the paper and it would be gone. So I reported that I was not getting my paper. They rigged it up to catch that person. And guess who it was. The neighbors grown son. So their went the burn barrels for the whole neighborhood. They and another troublesom neighbor have now both left the neighorhood.

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    That is how my grandparents got rid of their household trash back in the 70’s. We used to burn small branches, leaves, pine needles frequently in a barrel but it rusted out. I have a cast-iron cauldron/pot now to burn lawn debris. May need to get another barrel as I wouldn’t want to burn household trash in it. I like the idea of letting the lid go to the bottom to provide an extra layer. Different neighbors burn leaves all the time so no law calling here. We live in the county/country.

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