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    James Mitchner

    Which are you… style or function?  Maybe a little bit of both.  We all like to look stylish now and then.  I guess the important thing is have enough situational awareness to know which is required.

    I’m more of a function guy.  I don’t buy clothing that is not durable.  Sometimes durable can also be stylish, but not always and to my wife’s chagrin I often do not fit in when we go out someplace…. but I don’t care. 😉 I’m warm or dry or cool… or whatever.

    We attended a small festival yesterday that was held near us.  Temps in the low forties with wind 12/15 and gusting to 25/30.  It was cold! I deer hunted earlier, so I just kept most of that stuff on.  My wife layered up and we were toasty warm.  But I had to shake my head at the “stylish” way so many others chose to dress and who obviously were not the least bit comfortable at the outside event.  But… they looked stylish!  *laugh*




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    They both have their place , I tend to go for function . Interesting  you should point that out . I was watching a documentary on the Battle of Stalingrad one time . It was a BBC doc. They did some interesting tests of the uniforms , and equipment used by both sides in the conflict . Turns out , the German winter uniforms , and cloths , were also meant to be stylish , and the German soldier froze faster than the Russian . ( Hey , like you said , they looked good doing it ) . The Russian soldier looked like a bum ……..but was a warmer bum .

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    I like to apply this to shoes. My gosh, so many women wear impractical shoes. Once in my early 20s, I was driving home after a date. It was dark, 2am, and I was wearing stilettos. My car broke down in the middle of nowhere and I had to walk to get to a phone. (This was waaaaay before the days of cellphones. )  I was uncomfortable and also terrified. I knew that if I needed to run away from someone there was no way I could in those shoes.

    It taught me a valuable lesson: ALWAYS WEAR PRACTICAL SHOES. (Or at the very least, have them with you to change into.)


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    LOL , depending on where you live , and what kind of weather you have makes a difference . During winter here in Maine , The first blizzard warning , you will see people that just literally rolled out of bed . Still in their pajamas , hair all over the place , all they did was put on their boots , coat , and went out the door . Getting things at the market last minute . See it all the time , Done it myself on occasion .

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    I dress from thrift shop, happily gave away all my tailored suits  herme ties and kerchiefs.


    Boot when I find on sale and food quality I buy 4+ sets I live in work, gum boot and winter boots, I even do the running in boots.


    I love carhartt clothing and baffin winter boots, though I could easily be confused with homeless in a big city after mucking swine pen, I have the aroma and the dirt ground in look.


    I do splurge on socks, I buy mohair thick work socks, they are local made , have nylon outside and the mohair in loops on inside, they keep smells down, multi day wear, super easy clean, they don’t bunch up and if you get a soaker and wring them out  they will start heating your feet. But they are $45 a pair and so far the orignal pair has been worn every week for 4 years and other than the sewn in color Id it looks and works just as good as brand new pair.


    Gum boots I have moved to the neoprene  style they are much more comfortable and warmer when I  cold water.

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    I wish people wouldn’t slavishly follow the latest styles like the open shoulder in ladies shirts and dresses.  In my opinion a dumb thing to have cold shoulders and soon the thrift stores will be full of them.  If you like them that’s okay with me but I’ll never buy them.

    I always have a jacket and comfortable shoes in the car when I go out- always.

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    Crow Bar

    Back in the day, yeah, style.

    Now, function, quality, and durability.

    I wear a lot of performance like camping clothing or military gear.

    Wool.  I cannot say enough about wool anything.  I even wear lightweight wool socks in the summer.

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    James Mitchner

    I still have and wear the very first fleece pull-over that I bought from Campmore 30 years ago!  In fact, its been one of my layers this week deer hunting.  Quality!  Same for my LL Bean stuff, and I have never purchased any clothing from Cabelas that was not durable and well made.  Same for Carharrt.  I like Smartwool socks and wool anything.  I still have a North Face Mountain Light gore-tex parka they no longer produce from back when NF still produced quality before going all boutique.  Due to the anti-gun stance of Levis I’m switching to Wranglers, but I wear boots and jeans most everyday during winter.  In summer its cargo shorts, tee, and flip-flops.

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    Thats like Yeti , I call them ” Commie coolers ” because of their anti 2nd amendment .

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    Most women’s clothes are all about style. It’s very hard to find something stylish that is also warm. I do have a few “go-to” Cabela’s fleece lined flannel shirts and some warm Duluth pants that are also waterproof. I tried flannel lined jeans but I didn’t like them – too stiff. Mostly I wind up doing a combination of style and function (a nice shirt covered by a wool-based zip-up sweater, covered by a insulated vest w/hood, etc) and then I can take off all the outer stuff when I get to where I’m going.

    In terms of shoes, I always wear flats of some sort with the exception of weddings. Also when it’s cold out, I put those toe warmers in my boots or sneakers – they have made a huge difference in my comfort!

    Long answer, but the short one is that I wish there were more warm clothes made for women!

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