CA woman who berated man wearing MAGA hat reported missing, believed to

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    OldMt Woman

    Voluntarily Missing:  Exit stage left….   Vamoose…  Got outta Dodge….

    While I abhor the thot of anyone screaming at another…especially shaming in public…and double-especially when facts are only ASSUMED, therefore likely to be at least partially erroneous………   …uuuh, death threats as a response to merely [no matter how severely] RUDE speech/behavior is also lunacy and way beyond civilized behavior. 😮

    What percentage of folks now routinely behave and think like a pack of hyenas???  This label thing is getting way out of control and way beyond reality.  Makes my stomach hurt!

    OldMtWoman 🙁

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    I hope she does not do any harm to herself.

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    The world is getting crazier all the time.    Seems like some of the well known lefties are yelling fire in a crowded theater and there are enough dumb people to listen to them.

    I’m for privacy but using it on the internet to harass someone else is way over the top.  Makes you wonder how bad it might get.

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    OldMt Woman

    Yeah, CrowBar, I thot about her doing something too..  🙁  ..if she’s unstable and not just scared.  Used to be behavior like that DID indicate mental illness/instability.  Now…getting to be common.  So..just because it’s common, does that mean that it ISN’T a sign of mental and/or emotional instability?

    Now, the social network barrage is new. All anonymous….so the gloves are off.  That’s new.  Way less accountability for what anyone says.  Zero accountability is dangerous….to self AND others.

    No, I hadn’t read that second article.  Scary!  Unbelievable.

    OldMtWoman  …staying up on the mountain!  Uff tah!

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    Time for some chlorine in the human gene pool…

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    Casper Ship

    What are “numerous threats online” that she allegedly received? Such statements are the easiest thing to document, because one can simply snip and post them.

    The absence of specific examples of these threats is highly suspicious.

    Rebecca Parker Mankey reminds me a lot of Jesse Smollet.

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    Olivia Green

    Both links remind me, once again, why i ignore MSN.
    Get my information from sites that are pages of links. can scan and choose which to let into my head.

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    Crow Bar

    @Casper Ship,
    The Smollet allegedly staging an attack, as messed up as it may be, I can understand the motive: Money/greed.

    “Voluntarily Missing,” when the police say they have nothing to prove she is at-risk?
    Not so much.

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    James Mitchner

    Possibly a big reason society appears to be becoming so crazy is because those type unstable people are all the media care to report on. Anytime some Hollywood wacko says anything the media shove it right into our faces.  Seriously, those people are pampered idiots as well as hypocrites hiding behind their gates and private security while they pontificate to the rest of us.  Any social reject who acts in some bazaar way against free enterprise, capitalism, or how the country was founded is reported on as if how they think and feel is the majority.

    As for that loud mouth ugly woman verbally attacking that old vet, she can just stay missing, voluntary or not.

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    Early in the thread, it was suggested that she threatened the life of the feller in the MAGA hat.  If so, she might well have some apprehension about repercussions.  As it is, she lost her job over the matter….

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