California Is Shaken By More Than 80 Tremors, Chile Struck By Largest Quake In 1

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    Crow Bar

    Take note and prep accordingly.

    A follow on question is how would “The Big One” affect other parts of the US?

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    John Park

    Massive infrastructure/recovery bills. Who knows what would happen to the nukes that must be at some of the west coast bases — if they slip under water, would foreign powers be trying to grab them up?
    I really enjoyed the following magazine:

    Fall 2018

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    We’re depending more and more on agriculture from California since the Midwest has not really been able to plant due to flooding and now tornadoes. Can you imagine if The Big One hit Cali and we didn’t have any crops this year? Very alarming possibility.

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    Crow Bar

    And if there even was crops in CA, but the infrastructure was wiped out, and it all just sat in the fields rotting.

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    Lots of big banks in CA. If really, really bad could bring down the whole banking system. Especially if your money is in a CA bank.

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    Crow Bar

    @No Money,
    there is an aspect I did not think of, financial institutions and their leaders may be in CA.
    While we use a local Credit Union, and I think we would be ok, these financial institutions can be so inter-mingled could have a unforseen impact.

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    The big one will impact the whole country. Food wise, banking systems, and much more. Insurance companies will go bankrupt as they will not have the money to pay the damages. We are watching Yellowstone as it to is roaring it’s ugly head.  At the rate things are going, we won’t have to worry about being bombed. Our weather is going to destroy us.  Hurricane season is about to start here. We have been very fortunate here so far. But I have a bad feeling that things here could be worse based on how our weather patterns have been as of late. We are preparing now as well as getting things together just in case we have to evacuate. I hope not but I would rather be ready and nothing happen than not have it together and then have to leave. We don’t keep much money in banks any longer. Just enough to pay bills and insurance as I don’t think the FDIC will take care of us. We might get some of our money back but not all. So we will loose what’s in bank one way or another.

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