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    One of my new years resolutions was to assemble one year’s worth of food storage for one person, and to make it fit into the guest room closet/beneath the bed.  Although I started working on it at Thanksgiving, I’m still 20 cases of fruit short. This morning, I went to Aldi’s, like I usually do, and all they had was pineapple chunks, a whole bunch of cranberry sauce, and 10 cases of pears. I loaded all the pears into my cart, and almost made it out of the front door, when the manager stopped me. He said I had to leave at least one case behind for other people. I used to feel guilty about stocking up, but now I figure that everyone who can get online has access to the same information I do. and should already know about 2019’s bad harvest. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

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    I would have told manager to move aside since when is it policy of the store to stop paying customers leave with product?   Their JIT System should have more by morning.


    We do very little store buying now 90 percent on net and rest from face to face  people. The local grocery store has seen us inside 4 times in 4 years. We do go to big town 3 hours each way once a month or so..   and when who never goes it’s crazy busy 18+hour day with pick ups and some shopping like thrift shop and some farm store stuff. Occationaly costco but we are cutting that out.


    We are at a level where we can get cheaper from.manufacturers but buying pallets and splitting  it is to recoup costs.  Which is a handy thing, we supply non perishable or long storage items only. We can supply local kitchens (hospital, restaraunt and hotels)


    We only stock things we use so never any loss. We picked up 30 tonne of cane sugar. More salt and spices to get ready for.incomming price inflation.  The adults here  who invest in such things usually make about 13 percent a year on thier cash with no payment to a broker….. a side benefits of working/living here.  Rice and grains we have to make more space for order it’s being held for us at the grain silo right now rill end of jan.


    The local bee keeper association has along with us purchased another 30 tonnes of sugar for April the sugar water helps bees get a good start in spring…

    We are trying to spread our bee breed to other aipiaries as they don’t need the start and are much more vigorous. Part of a shut down government project 20 years ago the best breeds of bees from the experiment. Normal bees come usually now from new Zealand they have 5 traits  and don’t like cold. Ours have 10 major and 5 minor traits, would have never know about these bees if was not for contact to old farmers and helping them…. now we have 6 hives which we  hive 3 splits to local aipiaries that belong to club but they can’t sell the bees they have to at least make one set of doubles you give away  when they get a set so it keeps on spreading


    For fruit look to south Africa and south America depending on what knd of fruit. Can get canned free stone peaches halves delivered after all included for $8 box of 4 number 10 can. Want deals look at India mart and Ali baba. Remember china owns most of the food production and oil extraction in Africa.




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    We never had that problem here with Aldi’s nor Ledle’s.  Though we buy for our chuch food pantry and have a tax excempt card to prove what it is for.  So if I go in and buy not using the tax excempt they think I am still buying for church as they know me in there now. So I have no issues like that. I hope I don’t.  Though I am getting a bit frustrated with Harris Teeter as they will put canned veggies on sale for .37 cents and put a limit of 6 on them. They don’t care if we are buying for church or not and have proof of it. It will still be  6 cans. That won’t feed 45 families.

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