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    Joe Bag_O_Donuts

    I have been canning for some time now and still eating meat (Chicken, Ground Beef, Ground Sausage and Chili) canned in 2016).  I have used this as a Guide to both Pressure and Water Bath canning  I have found it to be very useful.  One note to always follow: IF you open a can of (you name it) and it does not smell like what you canned DO NOT EAT it.  Good Luck and Stretch yourself and your preparedness skills.

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    Bag of Donuts, I have you beat.  I had a few cans from 2013 both meat and veggies that we just finished off this year. They were still good. But I won’t let it go that long again. No issues at all with the food but the rotation somehow got messed up and I missed those cans somehow. I have been canning now for over 45 years.

    And welcome to the forum.

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      Joe Bag_O_Donuts

      You are generally correct and one shouldn’t let them go that long.  However, I did read that a UT team found “canned” goods from the early 1950’s that when opened passed the smell test.  The researchers tested the food items in the lab and found NO contamination.  Thank you for the welcome

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    Guest Here

    Thanks for the awesome post…

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