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    If this does not make you want to secure clean food for yourself and family I guess that being full is more important than what you eat.


    This is downright fraud

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    Josefina Arenas

    Oh my gosh!  Unbelievable!

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    Crow Bar

    WIll have to watch that later, but if true (any additional sources?) that is disturbing.

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    Last paragraph…. until new labeling aquire. …. ingredients  changes. Most labeling printed in China. …  and the all so telling until you run out of packaging.


    It’s mainly aimed at the wholesale restaurant industry bit you can see loopholes. The other thing previously they did not care about food wastage… why now 6 changes in last few months


    So basically if base amounts remain the same new sources don’t need to be stated… protein bar from.insects… protein is the same.  Can’t get enough cheep beef well you can use pet grade stuff to fill in no labeling required.


    You know the big companies will do this to save a dollar but had to stick to regulations now none. Would seriously reconsider buying amy thing from inside isles of supermarket.


    I  at fake food in China baby formula that starved kid to death or fake eggs or fake plastic rice… that’s coming here now as no protections against it



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      Crow Bar

      Oh! I remember the baby formula thing.
      It killed like 80-90 babies.

      The government found those responsible, and put them to death. No joke.

      As for fake eggs, yep. My sister lives in Shanghai. Her friend got a dozen of fake eggs.

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