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    Josefina Arenas

    I wanted to start a thread to see if others are seeing changes from “baseline” in their communities.  Two nights ago, my husband and I went to a gas station to top of my car’s gas tank.  It was raining pretty heavily and we don’t usually get much rain, so the following was noticeable.  We saw a man and a woman, all dressed in black, one with a balaclava on, one with a black umbrella, walking down the main street passed closed businesses.  Now, that is a significant departure from the typical behavior (we don’t walk in the rain!) and dress of folks in our area.  I decided to swing back and drive past them again.  Then turned around and came by again.  They had disappeared.  No side streets, all businesses closed.  Given that interesting turn of events, I found a side street not too far from the disappearance and began looking for them.  We came across a new rental panel van that turned around and screamed off when we drove by.  We managed to find the van on the main street again, stopped at a light behind them, and took photos of the license plates then sent them to a friend whose son is a Sheriff.  Have you noticed any “baseline” changes in your community?  What did you do?

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    Crow Bar

    I live on a busy county road, so not really sure about a baseline.

    I do know when my neighbor is going to work I can expect to see him go by.

    And the Amish coming and going.

    The up side is we can hear when a car is slowing down to come to our house.

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    Josefina Arenas

    You’re in a good place, Crowbar!  And you know what the normal comings and goings and who those people are.

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      Crow Bar

      I think I know more about my Amish neighbors comings and goings then I do of anyone else!

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    Halle Corrine

    I noticed a woman dressing in full radical Muslim clothing walking through Walmart.  She was dressed from head to toe in all black.  All you could see were her eyes.  Chills ran through my spine when I saw her.  Very unusual for our area.

    I had also stopped for gas, and while I was leaving, 6 black mean riding motor cycles, all dressed in black,  pulled into the same gas station.  I’m in Kentucky, so the first thought that ran through my mind where the riots in Louisville.  I hoped they had not participated in that, and then I prayed that if they had they were not headed to my city.   There was a white man by himself walking across the street, and I muttered to myself that he had better get out of the area and get home.  I briefly thought to offer him a ride.   Scary times for sure!



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    John Park

    Regarding the woman, try to think of it as someone similar to a Catholic with ashes on their forehead. I understand the concealment of the robes can be disconcerting, but then there are folks like myself that are carrying concealed and people never notice.
    As to the motorcycle riders, possibly in “black bloc” for a demonstration, or possibly not.
    Good situational awareness, but we need to remember to also view people as potential allies as well as potential threats (I myself tend to think “threat” first) – at least until the balloon goes up.

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