Chaos erupts with demonstrators in Philadelphia after armed man shot by police

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    Fran Franklin

    All I can think of when I hear of stories like this is, what were the police supposed to do?  I read a tweet that said, they didn’t even use tasers!

    Our cops will soon be afraid to use any kind of force for fear of rioting.

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      Crow Bar

      Yeah, I am seeing about how they did not have to shoot him, they could of tazed him, or shot him in the leg.

      Someone clearly not of right mind, charging you with a knife, dont think tazing is going to work. And if it doesnt, you might be in serious harm.

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    Well the officers didn’t have tazers, so there’s that.

    Person running at you with a knife, a lethal weapon, if they are within @21′, its a tie between getting your gun out and a round on target, and getting cut. If you are extremely lucky its a stopping shot.

    Shoot them in the leg, ala Dementia Joe? Sounds good in theory but is still lethal force, and how many people have actually tried to hit a moving target, within a highly charged time frame?

    At this point, the “have nots” are looking for any reason to riot and steal. Look at the videos out of Philly, where the peaceful protesters were carrying empty bags just for the plunder, taking stuff off the shelves without looking at it. Any bets they didn’t touch the work boots.

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    True , the taser is just for 6 year olds , and old people in wheelchairs . Or just for fun .

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