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    Rich Sullivan

    I am not a fan of his YouTube channel but he makes an excellent point about planning for this especially if you are bugging out.



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    That is an eye opener for sure. Though at this point I may be staying put, I still want to find some land in the country as far away from a city as I can get. But our age will hold us here. Need to get the yard fenced in and then start the process of making a hidden root cellar. Not sure how I will get this done, but right now I see it as my only option. He just may be on to something. They won’t just take your food and ammo at checkpoints but sooner or later they will be going door to door. That is if the hungry mob doesn’t beat them to it.

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    For those groups that intend to fight for liberty , remember to take the weapons off the dead tyrants , and throw a road flare into their vehicle , thus depriving the enemy of transportation . Captives should probably not be taken , for lack of facilities in a guerrilla war . Maiming your enemy is also a desired tactic , as it takes the individual out of the front line , and caring for them , becomes a burden to the enemy .

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    Question: When was the last ‘locust style’ or “golden horde” (hungry mob) event that anyone can remember?

    Especially outside of wartime.

    Gang activity, home invasions, heck even the farm attacks in South Africa/Rhodesia, none have been “golden hordes”.

    Checkpoints may just be there for a good reason, pandemics or viral outbreaks, your place may be near “ground zero” and your going there may endanger others as well as yourself. Or you are escaping the infected area, how do you know that you aren’t carriers? The people manning the checkpoint certainly don’t know nor do you potentially.

    Don’t jump to conclusions from YouTube video’s, or blog posts, or anything. Do your research and make educated moves.


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    James Mitchner

    I would think that if an area had to be isolated in an attempt to halt the spread of a serious infectious disease that multiple available media resources would be employed to get the word out to the traveling public that the area is closed and that all traffic in or out halted for the sake of public health.  Same for areas severely damaged by storms or similar events.  I view a roadblock or checkpoints set up unannounced that halts the public’s right of free travel to be a bit more nefarious.  Some call those a fishing expedition by LE.  Regardless, they are looking for something.  Most often its for proper vehicle registration, valid driving permits, and possible DUIs.  During a wide-spread event of the like most discussed here it could be searching for contraband (whatever the powers define contraband to be at the time – guns, cash, supplies, etc.) and/or to categorize you as a “person of interest” in the course of questioning.

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    Crow Bar

    Well, I know there have been more than a few of those living like 50, 60 miles outside of major urban areas who already have identified bridges to drop, trees to block roads with, overturned vehicles, or use a back hoe to dig ditches big enough to swallow a 4×4 truck.

    Not sure I agree with it, but if you think a few hundred thousand people might be heading your way and expect you to feed them, well . . .

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    Casper Ship

    You can increase your odds by traveling way off road. It will be a lot harder to set up enough checkpoints or road obstructions, because in many (not all) areas, there will be too many dirt road options to cover.   Hard core 4×4 vehicles may seem like an unnecessary ornamental extravagance now….but they will be “priceless” if/when this comes to pass.

    Take some weekend trips to familiarize yourself with multiple off road alternatives between where you are now and where you may want to go.

    Just want to note that DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional atrocities. Their true purpose is to desensitize motorists to roadway tyranny.

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      James Mitchner

      The Border Patrol habitually sets up roadblocks as far as 90 miles north of the border with Mexico and demand you declare if you are a US citizen.  If you refuse to comply they harass you by holding you longer for special attention.

      The TSA has mobile units called “Stinger Squads” (or something like that)  that participate in roadblocks, often with local LE units, also demanding information from you when stopped.  They also occasionally set up and bus and train stations.

      Several years ago the local Sheriff’s Dept. set up a roadblock on a four-lane highway here in the county checking permits, inspections, registrations, and looking for possible DUIs.  A man driving a truck did’t stop fast enough in the backed up traffic and rear-ended the vehicle in front of him and was killed.  Sheriff’s office took a lot of heat over that.  Now they set up on side roads, but still set up.

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