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    I was on a super train, going from Shanghi to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China with my daughter and sister. There was an announcement in Chinese, followed by one in English. It said if a passenger did not have a ticket, they would be arrested, and the arrest would affect their social credit score that could lead to being denied access to public transportation.
    It is real.

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    What do you think is going to happen in Hong Kong people social credit score. …. Yeah leave now or never be able to.


    Usa going one step further allowing the people with least common sense to predict potential.pre crime people of interest to put under surveillance for the good of society ..   let’s just remove the bill of rights so pesky to your owners.


    Why the push for real id, facial scanners everywhere, all transactions done with digital money….. and some don’t even see the cage.



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    As far as I know, the people of Hong Kong have not been assimilated into the communist governments system as Mainland China has.
    Based off other reporting, the people of Hong Kong can and are off-shoring their monies, and even moving to Taiwan.

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    Things are lining up. I fear this coming here. Though I don’t travel to other countries, my granddaughter’s  husband is getting transfered to Washington state. We would like to fly there to see them after they are transfered. But the airports are a pain these days. I think in many ways we are already under survelance of some sort. I use cash and not credit as much as possible and try to buy from the mom and pop stores when I can.


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