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    Filiki Eteria

    This video highlights the recent, and I will say this, racism against “white” people, Congressional hearings.  This is what happens when you let extreme leftists take power these days.   We need unity not diversity!

    This is how you destroy our nation, by dividing us into classes with certain classes joining forces to go after the dominate “race” in our nation.  Identity politics is seeping into local governments, this is not just a DC thing anymore.  Anytime you read about your local government trying to open a “commission on diversity and inclusion” or seeks to expand diversity or “persons of color” initiatives, we have to ask questions.  Questions like, are their rampant discrimination issues or pending lawsuits and the like occurring to warrant such commissions or expansion of “diversity” related issues?

    This is an attempt to place more women and “persons of color” into positions of power less on merits but because of exactly what I stated, that is the sex of the individual and the color of their skin.  The very definition of racism and discrimination.  And do we need more women and “persons of color” into these higher positions of power?  Of course we do.  But it should be on merits and not of these “identity politics” nonsense.  The more of these extreme leftists get into positions of power, the sooner we will not only see Congressional hearings like this but a narrative that can and will seed class warfare in our nation.  In the video, those testifying are calling for more censorship of Free Speech, that is if the social media companies will not do it on their own, the government will.  Further, one person that testified actually called for an “insurgency” against this so-called “white nationalism” by getting law enforcement ready to do something?  The video is disturbing, and this is our government?

    Just listen to actual members of Congress own testimony against “white” people.  I thought racism was a thing of the past?  I guess it is ok against “white” people today using leftist “dog whistles” to enrage WOKE leftists into action.  This is not good and unless we stand up for our rights, and what is proper, this may not end well.

    Ms. Candance Owens, a “black” woman was the ONLY sane voice during this testimony!  This racism against “white” people is real and it is spreading.  The ends justify the means with these horrible people.  This nation is at a tipping point folks and we need to stand up for our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights!


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    Roscoe Smidlap

    I guess those famous lines by Dr. Martin Luther King have been lost to history, or drowned out by social justice warriors. It is the content of character that matters. That is why I joined this forum, to hear ideas to help me be more self-sufficient, to learn new skills, and be part of a community of like-minded people who agree that our character is more important than our skin color, what church we pray in, or the size of our bank account.


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    Coincidence  that the biggest pariah of this class warfare is the white male, the buidlers of this modern world which we all enjoy.  For all the wrongs they nurtured many of the freedoms now twisted and used  to attack and divide the masses.


    Freedom of speech till minority tells you safe zones, any criticism of Israel is anti semitic ,  now is not about equal oppertunity, it’s about equal outcome, that  facts are not tolerable when it hurts someone’s feelings. W

    We all know a meritocracy is the best type of system for everyone best person for the job, and now manditory racism and sexism in name of equality will end poorly.

    In this world things are not perfect but everyone gets a chance if you are willing to put effort in. We need go be honest men and women of all races span all skill levels are not equal and never has been and to perpetuate this lie and give accolades for poor performance because od race and sex in form of participation awards and promotion diminishes the effort put forward of those who earned by merit.

    Ask yourself if you knew (insert job)of a certain race or sex gets an easier pass because of race and sex and are therefore less qualified, would you hire them or would you actually become racist/sexist to sort applicants to get the best employee?  Then those of that race /sex who earned their place get marginalized bease of a misguided equal outcome based on race/sex.



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    There is a lot of anger, frustration, and confusion ensuing from the leftist/progressive/Marxist agenda as it plays out in the real world. It doesn’t help anything to try to apply the old rules of fairness, logic, reality based law. One must see this for what it is, a culture war with political ends, that will end in yet another disaster in which multitudes will suffer and die.

    For way too long the left has been allowed to set the agenda culturally speaking, to create the narrative, rewriting, redefining the definitions of things, warping reality through unrelenting, incremental propaganda. Much has been accepted, tolerated, that never should have been permitted, and now they are accepted as the norm.

    The left never stops, their agenda is multi-generational, as soon as one pauses for breath in trying to hold them back, they make more progress. Little by little, bit by bit, they inexorably move onward, destroying, twisting, doing anything necessary to reach their ultimate goal.

    The Neo-Marxists have infiltrated nearly all the teaching institutions in the western world, public schools, universities, the film industry, the book publishers, google, facebook, everything they can  utilize to propagandize, control the cultural narrative they decide upon, they have taken over. They have infiltrated the judicial system, and all branches of government, the bureaucracies are filled with people who think according to leftist, Marxist philosophy.

    They have been allowed to do this, freely, with little opposition.

    They will prevail, because they use powerful cultural influences to fog people’s minds into accepting their philosophy, bit by bit, until it becomes the accepted reality. They use the Christian religion to push what I characterize as pathological compassion, compassion for all others at one’s own deadly expense. They use it also to push acceptance of things dangerous to western culture and its peoples in the name of tolerance …….. we tolerate what should never be tolerated.

    They will never stop. Trump and the resurgence of patriotism, nationalism will fade eventually, and the leftists will be right there, ready to take advantage, to force more of their philosophy into people’s minds.

    They are allowed to do this, people accept this, we allow our children to be taught this twisted philosophy ……. why?

    It’s too much trouble to educate oneself in philosophy, political philosophy, in order to understand the issues at hand. Rather we all too often settle for taking somebodies word for it, and all too often that somebody is a person you shouldn’t be listening to.

    We take western culture, and its astounding accomplishments for granted. We don’t even teach the children in this regard, because we are too often busy with other things we feel necessary, and we let others teach our children what they will. Vast numbers of adults don’t have a clue as to the massive expenditures of work, treasure, suffering, and death that has been expended in creating western culture through time, and so they would gamble it, like fools, all based on the lies and distortions of history and philosophy peddled by Marxists we allow in our midst.

    They will win, because we do not have the will, the inner fortitude to take decisive actions necessary to stop them. We are not willing to sacrifice, even for our own children’s future well being. We would rather putter around arguing over relatively inconsequential things, until we find ourselves helpless, with no allies, nobody willing to stand beside us, and we then get hauled off by the PC enforcers of the growing police/surveillance state.

    The OP’s post describes the maddening details of the implementation of cultural Marxism, and it isn’t helpful to become caught up in those things, the details, to the exclusion of being aware of the bigger picture, whats fast approaching.

    I’m thinking this turned into a bit of a rant, oh well, I feel strongly about it, and maybe it will shake somebody out of their complacency.

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    Crow Bar

    My mother was discriminated against in the 60’s for being “too dark.”

    Despite that, I did not try to use my minority status to my advantage, but rather worked hard to earn my position of employment.

    I am not naive to believe there is no racism, discrimination, or bigots out there.
    The general manager at a job i had, he was a racist and sexist world class jerk.

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