Cleaning the backside when toilet paper is gone.

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    John Park

    Ok, I’m weird.  This is actually something that concerns me.  Yes leaves are good, but in New England, leaves are buried in snow for 5 months, and I’ll be saving paper for the woodstove.
    So there is this bidet idea, followed by a “personal cloth”, which you then clean in a distinct wash bucket, with distinct tools (not using the bucket or tools that do your everyday wash).
    Additionally, a deep squat (a la le’ squatty-potty) supposedly results in cheeks being more spread (than sitting), and a more direct alignment of the colon, resulting in less mess.

    Weird topic, but I think we’d all like less poop on our butts & hands.

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    Um paper for Wood stove is a waste, practice now with wood shavings and birch bark. Dried birch bark is like a fire start you can peel off and use from dead fall.


    As for tp, cloth and bleach  basin to deal with used cloth and sanitation till you can boil clean ìs not that hard better to go to thrift shop now and buy cheap materials to find out which works best just sew outside edges to reduce fraying.


    If you just can’t imagine no tp then buy this stuff in bulk

    Type in and look up tablet tissues 2 cents each in bulk.

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    Mouse Wizard

    First, look up BioBidet, or Travel Bidet. That gets 90% of the situation.

    Then find soft, good quality terry cloth and a good cotton shirt-type material. Sew them together in squares, and dampen one before use. An overlock machine makes the best because the edges don’t fray nearly as fast.

    For that real luxury feel, use warm water in the bidet and on the square.

    Keep a good supply around and have a dedicated diaper basin and a “black water” washing tub for the weekly wash. If you still have the ability to flush, I’ve found agitating the rag in the toilet gets most of the surface dirt off so things go easier down the road.

    I ran this system for about a year personally (no one else in my family would try it because toilet paper existed) to work the bugs out. So now we have bidets and a good supply of these in a box on the shelf.

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    The Romans used a sponge .

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    Does anyone remember diaper pails. We still have one. We have a large supply of toilet paper but one day it will run out. So I have bought cheap thin wash clothes to use and then put in diaper pail with water and a little bleach. When we get a load they get washed, dried and ready to use again. Remember how we did cloth diapers? This is the same principle. To me it is much easier.

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