Coin shortage prompts bank to pay you for spare change

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    Have you seen the price of silver ? went from basically $15 – 17 an oz . to $28 ,

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    I do have some silver and gold both. It’s not much but the prices on gold has gone through the roof. The silver I have not seen what it is worth now, but I guess if you own enough of it, that would be great. I don’t own enough to do a lot with but I know the gold is high enough to pay my taxes a couple of times.  I guess that would count for something.

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    Abby Wise

    I noticed a sign at Lowe’s the other day saying “the USA is experiencing a coin shortage so if using cash to try to pay the correct amount”. While at another store, all the coins pop out in a dispenser.  How can we have a coin shortage?  I have always had extra coins and took to the Coin-Star machine to trade it for a coupon at the grocery store. This sounds ridiculous (and false).

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    Per Amazon website

    Pour $30 or more at a Coinstar kiosk and get a $5 Amazon Credit towards your next purchase on Credit will be automatically applied at checkout.
    Offer is available to customers who get an Gift Card claim code at a physical location for the first time.

    Another retailer said they could only accept exact change for cash transactions.

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