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    Mouse Wizard

    There’s no fixing this. We’re staring at “The Road” or “Book of Eli” situation, and I’m afraid sooner rather than later.

    IMO, if these trends continue we’re looking a failure of BigAg within a decade.

    The author is a famous gold bug, so the followup article is paywalled, but I bet it basically says do the basics: beans, bullets, band-aids. And of course gold.

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    That is true what that article says. We are already in it. Slow to come but is coming. I have been back and forth about removing my money from my savings account. That is our emergency money and we already need some of it to replace the air conditioner. The bank thinks it owns my money and I can only take out so much each month. So I am thinking of just going ahead and getting the air conditioner replaced now as I know the old one will not make it this summer. Then I can work on getting the rest of the money out a little at a time.  Gold is to expensive now. I have stopped buying it. But silver is a better way to go right now.

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