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    OldMt Woman

    Yes, it was a good article.

    😮  Discharge shattered the toilet and sliced her leg.  That would be so embarrassing!  ANY unintentional discharge is horrible.  But really….ONE error in the whole state of Utah thru the years…..and they don’t even require rigorous training?  This FL law sounds sensible.  But I would not want to be one who’d be responsible in a school situation.  I applaud all who would grimly and carefully take this on.  Unfortunate that coach had only his own body to throw at the attacker.  🙁


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    Crow Bar

    I have taken CCW classes in the past.
    I thought 8hours was a bit on the slim side (aside from my USMC training), but that is what the state law allowed for.
    132hours, like the FL requirement, I would have to see the curriculum, but if it was real shooting drills, I think that would be good.

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