Congressman Cohen Introduces Constitutional Amendments

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    Crow Bar

    IF, this were to pass, it would rule all those fly over states irrelevant.

    Any and all candidates would only focus on a few populas states and their issues/concerns/votes.

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    It wont pass . Its actually NOT in the best interest of either the Democrats or the Republicans . Presidential pardons have never been ” abused ” . We may not agree with them , but at the same time , its part of the executive branch . Its actually an important function . Electoral college ? People have been complaining about that forever , but again , it actually serves a purpose . This is NOT a Democracy . The Constitutional checks and balances put in place , were created to prevent the executive branch from being too powerful . This guy clearly doesn’t understand how his own government works . Also , in order to amend the Constitution , it takes an almost overwhelming vote , and a Constitutional convention . Something that both sides , would rather avoid , as it will open up a can of worms that would not benefit anybody .

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    John Park

    Without the Electoral College, you end up with The Hunger Games, where the rural, sparsely populated districts exist merely to service the busy cosmopolitan capital.

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      James Mitchner

      Its approaching that now, John.  Already the socialists are enriching and empowering the urban areas while leaving the rural areas increasingly deprived of economic opportunities and the ability to live a stable existence.  The rural areas overwhelmingly support Trump and Republicans.

      As for the Electoral College, it was a brilliant idea to keep the majority from abusing the minority.  Without the Electoral collage national elections would be like current state elections where one or two “city states” decides the election for everyone else.

      Cohen knows this.  He knows that if the EC is dispensed with he and his socialists can remain in power and we will find ourselves a one-party country.

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    no money

    Amending the Constitution A Constitutional convention is a second option, it is not required, and has never been tried. A constitutional amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of the states. Congress is authorized to choose whether a proposed amendment is sent to the state legislatures or to state ratifying conventions for ratification. Beware, there are enough rogue billionares to bribe this into passing. If they can make this happen, will the 2nd amendment be far behind?

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    Crow Bar

    @john Park,

    Your comment, or the similar has been floating around on the internet forums.

    And I think you are right.

    Meanwhile, I see others cheering this on as a good thing.

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    What an alarming prospect. I was never as thankful for the Electoral College as I was during this past election. Not that I liked Trump but I truly loathed Clinton. It’s truly the only way for voices to be heard that are NOT in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, and LA. I’m not real big on government, but without the Electoral College, we’ll become a banana republic.

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    Crow Bar


    We are becoming a banana republic.

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    James Mitchner

    Got your yellow vests yet?  I do.

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    Uncle Gunnysack

    They also want to add two states (DC & PR) and two more SCOTUS judges. That was Comrade Fast &Furious fast and furious yesterday.

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