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    Container Friendly

    We have a bay leaf plant, a dwarf lime tree plant, cilantro, and rosemary going inside now.
    Want to expand to basil, thyme, and would like to see if I could do pepper (i.e. spice, not veggie) plant.

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    Osito Arelano

    Check out MI Gardner’s YouTube on hydroponics. Some gorgeous leafy greens grown indoors in what look like plastic totes. I haven’t tried that one yet, but have had success with cilantro, cherry tomato, and basil.

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    Crow Bar

    I have this book:

    I have not had a chance to try any of it out.
    Was thinking of running a solar powered pump, from one of the ponds, to a container, and then flow back out into the pond.

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    Look areoponic  instead.. much more efficient

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    Have a bunch of spuds going in buckets.

    Through a lucky accident, the HS wrestling team had their annual fundraiser sale early, almost too early.

    50# of organic spuds, some started to sprout so went out into the greenhouse and drug in some soil to thaw.

    Ended up with 7 5 gallon buckets with 2 spuds in each.
    Put up an LED light out of the greenhouse also.

    I no longer have a “heater room”, its fast becoming a jungle. Should help out this year.

    The 10″ of snow we got on Thursday/Friday kinda set the greenhouse back a while.

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    Okra does well, I planted it in a whiskey barrel.

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    hmm the fun part drain the whisky barrel any volunteers?


    Potatoes will grow in a straw pile just add water

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