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    Millions of gallons of contaminated water are pouring out of mining sites across the country every day. This water is getting into the public supply and killing off aquatic life.

    And of course, the EPA is covering it up.


    You Won’t Believe How Much Contaminated Water is Pouring From Mine Sites in At Least NINE States

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    Well that’s what my happens when you bungle super fund for clean up.  Hope no one lives in ground water contamination area, all you can do is leave area


    I wonder what has to happen to have the villagers break out tar and pitchforks, honestly how bad does it have to get, it’s like an avalanche of crap like this. Voting won’t change it, our move because they will keep taking like a bully till they learn better. People wonder why opioid crisis it’s to esCape everyday misery.  Look at suicide and anti depression prescibtions opiods adiction why do those all cluster when no jobs no future no hope.


    What can be done ? Talking and protesting does nothing, same for voting change of puppet same puppet master.  Look at what a pile of shit we are leaving for kids grandkids great grand kids, shameful does not even cover it. Spend billions on other countries and not on us the tax payer. Like living in a tent city but going out and throwing party at a 5 star restaraunt for your supposed friends.


    need to stop watching and assigning blame and need to start fixing things or we are all going down with boat. Stuff like this and other impending environmental disasters can’t be handled by individuals.


    Rant over.

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