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    This I think could be a indicator of what things will look like if our food system gets compromised.

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    Mouse Wizard

    At our house, all purchased goods go into a 9-day quarantine area, whether we picked them up from the grocery store or they arrived via truck. For truck shipments, we unpack them outside and dispose of the boxes and packing. Then the gear goes into quarantine.

    This eliminates purchasing items requiring refrigeration.

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    They found trace virus 17 days later on cruiseships after cleaning….. 9 days might be a bit soon,  we have tried using ozone to clean  items but don’t know if that’s enough now. Been using 9 days since February so we might be contaminated from that too.


    Just be safe ask yourself 8f it’s worth dieing for or risk family for X Item.



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    Mouse Wizard

    Think of a virus as a tiny velcro-like thing. Sticks better to certain things than others. It’s also very enamored with high humidity, since it’s outer shell has a significant fatty component. When it’s sitting on a solid, featureless surface like a painted ship’s wall, it breaks down much more slowly than if it’s sitting on something that’s rougher, like a cardboard surface.

    There are fewer environments that are more humid than a ship sitting in the water. So it’s lasting longer on painted, solid surfaces in a high humidity environment. The other data came from lower humidity environments and tested various surfaces. On paper, it lasts up to 4-5 days.

    We live in a desert state so humidity rarely gets above 50% unless it’s raining.

    I’m fine with the 9 day package quarantine. If I need the contents sooner, I can just wash it down with a bleach solution and get on with life.

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