COVID-19 Much Deadlier Than Flu; 1.3% Death Rate Among Symptomatic Patients

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    Researchers say if same number of Americans contract coronavirus by the end of 2020 as those who catch the flu, as many 500,000 people will die.
    ‘Conservative’ estimate of 20% of population infected would mean anywhere from 350,000 to 1.2M deaths by year’s end.

    20% of the population by years end?
    That seem kinda low to anyone else?

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    Its a bio weapon.. who makes a weapon that only kills 3.4 percent and infects people but does not collapse the medical system? Some third angle or more we don’t see yet.


    I am sure they are using this a a depopulation tool, as history has taught best weapon of mass destruction is starvation. The great famine is coming are you ready, there is no more dry beans available  in North America. Next will be protein shortage.


    Right now bees are dieing en mass due to cold Flux in Temps.




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    Well, first of all, you have to read this report very closely to recognize the equivocations by the lead researcher… must also look at many other research studies that are going on and be careful not to assume this particular study is as it says “the be all, end all.” Whatever. Finally, death happens daily from lots of different causes, many of which are more deadly every year that this particular virus. And, we must stop and remember we are talking about a very tiny number of the total population. According to the IRS in 2017, population is 326 MILLION….do the math….So, do I think the projections are low….Nope….I think the whole virus thing has been deliberately overblown and eventually the truth will come out. Just my informed thoughts….

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      Good analysis Muffy.
      I dont think we will really know either way till this is totally over and they can do counts/recounts and get better numbers.
      Even then we may not know.

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    The question is will you take the vaccine expecially  when military is  dispensing

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    Mouse Wizard

    The truth may come out, but it’ll be a tiny noise in a pile of disinformation and conspiracy theories, so we’ll never know.

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