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    What’s up guys! I’m new here and just wanna say hello to everyone.
    Btw what do u think about all this covid situation? I’m really into fitness and I miss hitting the gym so much…

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    Covid, real.
    How dangerous, contagious, etc. has yet to be determined. Only after it is over (really over, and that could be a few months to a year or more from now) and they can tally up the numbers will we be able to say, was the lockdowns worth it?

    I am not one for gyms, but we got snow, again, last night, so my cycling is about a month behind. 🙁

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    John Park

    Run, bike, calisthenics.
    See various fitness programs based on the military.
    Pushups, pullups, inverted rows, dive bombers, star jumps.
    Can also consider everything from home dumbbells (even the expensive adjustable ones like Powerblocks), exercise band, that resistance webbing you attack to the wall/ceiling (suspension trainers).

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    Lol I refuse to do worthless exercise. … work all day doing core strength doing farm chores. Always more and varied stuff to do to keep fit.


    If you live near a farmer ask if they can use a hand in return for food later you get exercise and paid for it.


    The only thing close to exercise we do here is martial arts practice. Rest is all farm labor…. the families  that are now here that where not full time before covid there where some gym people…. no one now they are first to fall out when it’s rest time.

    Was funny we where mucking out pig shelter…. we use a Bob cat to plow up most of the bedding and poop but you still have to clear the corners and spread new bedding after washing and disinfecting the building. The non full time where we’ll I that easy you use  machinery to do all the work…. lol cleaning out the corners and  other places was 2 dump trucks worth of hand pitch forking…. after it was done 2 days for 4 shelters the non full time where asking why we could not do it all with machinery as they where blistered hand and sore as hell…


    On plus side the non full timers are all losing weight and feeling better, no more sleeping med when day is done they are spent…  eat and then sleep…. no more why do you go to bed at 10 pm it’s too early…. roosters up at 430 so so are you.



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