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    OldMt Woman

    LOL ….actually it was fun watching this happen.  First we have no bread in stores.  So some folks we may not have seen previously as the “self-reliant” sort, dove in and made their own bread.  They showed their failures and successes on social media, of course.  More joined the new herd and…..we ran out of yeast.  [well, we didn’t cuz we keep PLENTY in the freezer, right?]

    So….out pops dozens of sourdough starter instructions across social media.  Now you can make artisan bread…and everyone knows that is quite spectacular.  I say that only slightly tongue-in-cheek… cuz it really IS wonderful.

    This suddenly-bored group went on to build play sets outside for their children or grandchildren.  The most adventurous build them tree houses!  And lots of them really played/interacted with the children!!!

    Anyone notice the lumber shortage?….not all went into play sets and tree houses.  People are building decks in record numbers.  [IS it because they’ve all been in the house together for months and OUTSIDE seems like a good idea?]  LOL

    Many of us saw the tsunami coming and RAN to the nearest garden center for our own garden seeds….in MARCH!  We can’t plant for another 2-3 months but…seeds were wiped out by then.  Even our secret stash of specialty seed companies by mail were wiped out very early.

    Y’know?  I’m loving this movement.  COVID’s a real pain but it did spawn some very lasting good things.  However, we do have to keep a wary eye on these newbies and see what they’re going to wipe out next!!  LOL

    OldMtWoman  😉

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      @OldMT Woman,
      Great observations!

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    Canning supplies is next with grow lights and green houses as food supplies dry up.


    Australia out of rice by Dec.  China food control and massive crop loss. Germany stop harvest due to one African swine fever pig.  Canada massive crop failure from flood hail and cold temp.


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    OldMt Woman

    Yeah, canning supplies are ‘history’ with no restock in sight.  I TOLD DH to get me a couple more boxes last April….but did he follow thru?  {roll eyes}  Oh well, I can dehydrate too.  …..oh, I think dehydrators will be scarce too if you don’t have one already.

    How about Freezer Ziplock and other ways to use freezers.  And forget about buying freezers…they went out of stock in late spring.

    Grow lights….I hadn’t thot of that, Namelus.  I have shop lights with one grow tube and one florescent…..I HOPE they still work.  Might be moving some veggies inside come winter this year.  Better check those lights and get them hung already!

    I can believe Canada had trouble …since they sent that Arctic Jet Stream down here.  Stuck a heater in our greenhouse and all was well.  WHAT would we do without weather forecasting?  I do pretty well but I look at Doppler and Jet Stream sites all the time.  I have barometer and thermometers.   Our little corner has more extreme weather sometimes.  Need to be able to forecast.  Record trends so one can see where temperatures are going.  I check for low every night.

    OldMtWoman  …not getting any easier.

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