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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Since 1987 I’ve been trained annually on CPR and I’ve used it multiple times. Only once unsuccessfully.
    In our covid world it’s all the more reason to have a one way valve and consider doing chest compressions only CPR.
    So when the last time you used it? When’s the last time you trained in it?


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    Island Girl

    That’s one area in which I’m deficient.  I’ve never done CPR on a live person and it’s been more years than I care to remember since I took a CPR course.  I know the theory, but that’s totally different in practice.

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    Being a nurse practitioner that rotates both the office and hospital settings, I am required to have both BLS and ACLS. I guess being medical is the best prepper skill I have. I have to recertify every 2 years. I once did CPR at a wedding of one of my friends on the groom’s uncle. He cardiac arrested on the dance floor. If we have a code in the hospital, we rotate and take turns doing chest compressions. If CPR is done correctly, one minute of performing chest compressions can be exhausting.

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    I am retired from medical field and had to have all of that training as well. But have not kept it up like I should.  But I do know how to do it and I have the one way valve that Matt is talking about. Good thing to have.

    And Annie said she can’t feel her legs. LOL!

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    OldMt Woman

    Uff tah!  Been a loooong time.  Younger days, I needed to be certified on a regular basis.  First Aid.  CPR. etc.  Used basic First Aid numerous times working in camps and children’s residential facilities.  Even water safety too.  Pulled several kids out of lakes before they got into real trouble…before CPR was needed.

    6 yr old boy in residential home, did the classic Eyes Wide/ Hands On Throat move.  Got him upside down across my lap and whacked his upper back.  Not exactly by the book but he was small enough to do it.  Out came the meat that was blocking his airway.  Whew!

    I use basic First Aid all the time.  Even on animals.  My friend is studying to become an instructor for that and CPR.  Maybe I should travel over to take a class, once she’s up and ready.  It’s been too long…..and much has changed.

    OldMtWoman  …putting “one-way valve” on my ever-growing list

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    CPR is nearly useless it has a 12%chance of rececitation  on a child or healthy adult. It’s used as a keep o2 going to brain and body till hospital and or staff.


    In shft if you do compressions on elderly you will most likely break rib cage and sternum which can cause a short but painful life after CPR if revived.

    Getting defibrillator is at least 20%without drugs it’s a nice fairytale but having done cpr for 20 mins on trip to hospital  I could not move arms next day… person still died. Have done it 5 times Zero survuvors. Granted most where old or had extreme trauma chest hitting steering wheel or other severe mva.

    We had an instructor that could handle having use use manual restpirations on them… it is not at all like the doll.


    Learning first aid is good but remember it’s mainly so you can get medical facilities…. what will you do if none to go to or closed like now with shut downs…. better add some more skills. Book when there are no doctors is a good start.

    Same type of reference when there is no dentist… getting a proper extractor pliers now is a good thing and hope you don’t ever need to.use…


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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Remind me not to be around you when I go down

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      I agree.

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