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    Crow Bar

    I raise, slaughter and process my own hogs. I have several books on the topic, and learned from them.

    Butchering: Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, Pork by Adam Danforth covers everything from BANG! to putting final cuts into the freezer.
    However, I like Whole Beast Butchery by Ryan Farr for his final cuts better. I like bacon over ribs.

    For making bacon and sausage I have found Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polcyn to be very good and I have great success.

    A set of good knives is essential! Keep them sharp!

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    Jade Jasmine

    We did the same thing when I was a kid, my family still does. My step mother was just posting pictures of my little brother making deer sausage a couple of days ago. Makes me miss home. I grew up sort of surrounded by this, raising and slaughtering as well as hunting. I think I have probably unrolled enough freezer paper to wrap around the earth a couple of times!

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    We raise our own here…and teach people how to butcher and make charcuterie. It’s very enjoyable.

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    Crow Bar

    Took about 3-4lbs of what I call sausage meat, cured it in a heavy brown sugar and salting mix.

    Turned out fantastic!  Almost like candy.

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    Amy Dixon

    Crowbar – Thanks for posting these book recommendations.  They sound very good – will see about getting copies for my “survival library”!

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    Thanks for the book suggestions, Crowbar.  I can butcher venison and have made sausage with it but that’s about it.  I grew up in the city where we only raised chickens.  I will cook, can, make jerky and butcher but really don’t want to do the slaughtering.  A lot of women around here hunt and no telling what we may wind up doing.

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    Crow Bar

    You are welcome!

    Also note, I posted a thread about confit meat storage, vs canning meat.

    IMHO, I think it is a better way to store meat than canning.  But, as I noted in the OP, I raise my own hogs.  So, I have access to fat.  But, you can reuse the fat more than once.  And it tastes oh, so good!

    Something to think about.

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