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    <h2 class=”entry-title”>The Self-Reliance Manifesto: More Than 300 Resources to Guide You on the Path to Radical Freedom</h2>

    I saved a copy of this article when I first saw it with the intention of going back and copying the articles one day. I started doing that a couple of days ago. What I do is copy and paste the text and graphics into a MS Word doc. I also copy and paste the comments into the word doc. Many comments are useful, some not so much. Then I clip out the reply links and the user picture graphic to shorten the file. Then I do a “Save AS” to a PDF document. Once that is done I just delete the Word doc. You can print the article from either the Word doc or the PDF.

    There is a huge amount of very useful information here that could easily be useful now or after this crisis is over.

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    Crow Bar

    Thank you for posting that.
    Could be helpful to many!

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