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    Crow Bar

    Sorry a day late!
    We have been having weird internet problems here.
    Seems to be working now.

    Anyways, got about a foot of snow yesterday afternoon/last night. First real snow of the season. Temps in the 30s though.

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    grannyj smith

    Ordered two large children’s rugs for the babies room hoping to make it not so cold on those floors and give them something soft to sit on while playing. I have done a little gift buying online this year instead of going out to the stores and the gifts I chose are things that are needed for staying warmer this Winter, so I guess that could be called preparing.

    I stocked my baking shelf at the farmhouse before Thanksgiving for everything needed for making cakes, pies, cookies and candy for Christmas so I shouldn’t have to buy anything more for baking.  I have one turkey left in the freezer and the ingredients for dressing and homemade cranberry sauce for a simple family Christmas meal  that will not cost extra.

    Hope to get down to the farmhouse this week and wrap and hide the gifts that came in before the kids find them and get the trees up so they can get decorated this weekend.  I have so many clear outdoor lights that I purchased each year on clearence and we are going to string them on the front and back porch and along the front of the farmhouse and leave them up all year to light these areas.

    I took the left over ham and put it in a large pot with some beans and will make steamed rice to go with the beans and we got an evening meal, I am surprised at how frugal I am becoming.


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    I remember  mis behaving as a kid at Christmas and having my dad throw a present from under the tree into the roaring fire place to be turned to ashes…..  behaviour correction achieved… I still laugh at that.

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    Crow Bar

    Well, busted out the snowshoes, first time for the year.
    The first few times to go blaze trails in snowshoes is the hardest, unless we get one of those 2-3ft in 24hrs storms.
    Once you get a trail established, packed down, there is a big difference between the trail and going off trail. It is like walking on a sidewalk vs 8inches of mud.

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    grannyj smith

    I got a Christmas gift from Walmart today.  I went to get my layaway out today and it was paid off plus they gave me a little money back, enough that I was able to get the baby a nice toy for his birthday, what a blessing that was,  I was then able to use the money that was suppose to pay off the layaway and buy extra food.

    Family members think we are doing ok for I don’t tell them how difficult it is to make ends meet with the price of food being so expensive, plus diapers, baby food and formula for the baby being so expensive.  One family member told me what a hard time they were having with getting enough for their family, but I did not confide that we also have difficult times.  For that family member I will put together a food basket of baked goods and a maybe a ham or turkey for their Christmas meal with the twelve dollars I saved by using digital coupons at HEB today.

    Got the two Christmas trees up at the farmhouse but did not decorate them and the kids were complaining about the fake trees, but once we decorate them and put wreaths up that we make from a cedar on the property it will smell like there is a real tree up, it will be ok.  I explain to them Christmas is not about a tree or decorations,  it’s about Jesus.



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    Hello everyone

    Been reading the posts, praying for the sick and learning.

    Gosh, lets see, doctors appts, bloodwork, doctors appts..I have a hike in the triglycerides. Kinda hesitant about going the statin route, so I am trying diet modification and red yeast rice first.  So now its the get rid of white carbs challenge. Found some great recipes on John-Ocean Robbins group, the food revolution network.

    Ordered some essential oils on cyber monday and spices.




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    Corsaire, you sound like me. Doctor appts. after Doctor appts. DH has really had a tough time of it. I have to take him to dermotoligist surgeon for a basil cell removal then it will be 3 more other doctor appts. next week. Only 20 days left till Christmas and I am no where near ready. It has been one thing behind the other this year. DH has been loosing his breath everytime he bends over, so I am having to put his shoes and socks on him. I did some research today as I have been noticing little things about him including the cronic sinus infections.  It seems he has every indication of most of the side effects from elliquis. So I am going to call his heart doctor tomorrow to talk with him about what to do. That rash on his back that we first though was from heat is from the elliquis. It is a blood thinner and has really taken a toll on him. That really explained a lot that is going on. His labs were horrible. Just hope I can get him straight and if I can’t get the tree up this year, so be it. We can still all be together for a Christmas dinner and a great time.

    My granddaughter came in for a suprise visit from Maryland today. It was so good to see her as she was not able to come for Thanksgiving. But will be here for Christmas. She got me out of house for an hour to go to fireflies and Dodson. They are gift stores. They have a lot of neat stuff in them. Fun to go look but Dodson is high priced for my blood.

    Well time to get ready for bed as we have to get up really early tomorrow to get to dermatoligist by 7:30.  It is so hard to get DH together in the mornings but we will make it in time.

    Granny Smith that was a great gift for someone to pay off your layaway. The person that does that will be truly blessed. I think he goes around and does it every year but not sure if there is more than one that does it.

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