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    OldMt Woman

    Rocket stove diagram looks good, OldMansd.  Is that a paint can…[never used]?  Cuz I bought one years ago and …forgot what I was going to use it for.  Mebbe….. ?  Are they solid enough to hold up to the heat of a rocket stove, I wonder. [Edit]  I just checked out that link…they fill with small stones between the cans.  Yep, I think that’s what I DID plan for that.  Dontcha love a brain that leaks such good ideas out sideways on ya?

    Keep us posted – we watch with interest!

    OldMtWoman….posted at the same time as OldMansd

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    Researched more food storage ideas and worked on my 1 year food storage lists of what I have and what is needed for the year to know what is still needed. Cleaned up a lot of started files on my computer and copied them off to put in my emergency binder. Caught up the laundry. Pulled an old beef roast out of the freezer to put in the crock pot in the morning. Saw my rheumatologist today and got all normal test results so the inflammatory markers from earlier in the year have gone away due to a better diet and exercise program.



    Yesterday the 5th got a couple Christmas presents, art supplies came from Amazon when I got home. I got an order for cards and for a new print. Laundry, dinner from pantry, hung with the cat awhile in the art room, moved onto the living room with the Sheltie and worked on the monster big heavy afghan. Think I might get it done for Christmas.

    Today not feeling all that swell when I got home from work, planned to get a lot done. Took awhile before I could eat anything, feeling better now, had overnight oatmeal, I’m in with the cat now, she’s curled up in her bed and a sweatshirt in front of the little heater, will move into the living room and work on the afghan. The longer circular needles will come tomorrow that will make it easier, quite bulky and heavy now but super warm, I’m using three strands through the middle. It’s chilly and drizzly out there, perfect weather for a Sheltie to run in barking at planes.


    Old Ski Bum

    Spent time today researching the best ways to provide lightning protection for my ham radio antenna set up I am working on.  I have a lightning arrestor to go inline in the coax run but trying to find the best ground for it.  My coax and associated hardware arrive this afternoon so planning on working on the cabling tomorrow although I’m a bit concerned about the snow still on the roof.  Once I reach the peak of the roof I can straddle it so I won’t go slipping off.  Also, if I do start to slide, there is a gutter on each side to stop me before I go over the edge.    Hopefully my next post is not from the hospital!!


    Hieronyma Textor

    December 6 – Today was St. Nicolas Day. Yes, the one we made into Santa Claus. He got made into a gift-giving fat guy dressed in red because in real life, back in the 4th century, he was the Bishop of Mira (probably not fat), who quietly/anonymously distributed his inherited fortune to various poor people in need. Lots of stories. Also purported by some to have slapped Arius at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

    So today was a long, long work day and I’m still sick, so I didn’t go to church 🙁

    Reading more in Selco’s book. Thank you, Selco, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!


    Xant Dewit

    I thought iT is not going to be a prepperish day. I printed some assignments from the bloom course. Unpacked some parcels and received some items for my survivalish Christmas gifts. But then I got news from my canning lid supplier that my order came through. So I will receive a lot of canning lids to last me for years. Nice because I would like to do some winter canning like legumes. Love canned legumes: cheap easy and tasteful.

    I did ask for a price for a new electric water canner. I will be using my old one for melting beeswax. I make the beeswax inlays my self.

    I also was asked to join a project group for biodiversity in regarding to bees. It will be for two counties. You got to love bees, flowers and politics for that😉

    mom a more serious note: I wonder what is going to happen with the European movement of the yellow jackets (is that the correct translation?). The movement is growing in France, Belgium and also the Netherlands. Here they also want the prime minister to go away. Tomorrow different demonstrations are planned in these countries. I do am happy I don’t live in the big city anymore!!


    VLC Truthseeker

    I’m starting to write in the challenge on the 7th of December, but I did do something everyday in December that is challenge worthy.  I actually do so much I forget what I do.  I’ll list below: December 1st- Biked outdoors, December 2nd- Cleaned the bathroom sink & tub drains with (1 cup baking soda & hot water, then 1 cup baking soda & vinegar closing the sink upbright away while it cleans and bubbles.  Then chasing it down with more hot water and repeat if necessary, or getva plunger if it’s stuck.  It’s a grand idea to get all hair and filth out of the sink before starting.) This cleaned my pipes so well they are like brand new!!! So much better and less expensive than Drano.  December 3- bought cheaper car insurance, bathed my dogs and worked out on the elliptical & stretched.  Dec 4- called around to look into getting a landline phone.  Dec 5- Christmas shopped for 25 people and spent 58.00.  I’m going to make most of gifts with lettering vinyl.  Dec 6- Cleaned out All clutter in house & worked out with weights & elliptical.  Dec 7- Buying silver, Bills/Budget, Sell stuff online to save.  


    Made horseradish sauce with my own turnips and white wine vinegar. Rainy day, think I’ll  just cook all day now that the dishes are done. Experiment with 7 up biscuit recipe and Apple crisp been meaning to do.


    Loving Life

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The contractors are still here working on the laundry room.  I have divided the 15×10 room into thirds.  First third is work bench with area for smaller tools.  Second third is for laundry, sink, laundry supplies.  Third area is for rotating food stuffs.  This third area is the one I keep trying to decide on shelving. This morning was looking at different shelving options.  After the contractors finish drywalling, painting etc, it’s all on me for the shelving.</p>
    Yesterday, I continued reading.  Someone mentioned “When the Power is Gone”, so I started reading this series.  I can’t understand why so many people wait many days, weeks to go to their bug out locations.  By that time, the majority of the public has figured out that a crisis exists.

    Yesterday, I made chicken noodle soup from scratch.  I also made a nice dinner, sesame beef bowls in a hoisin sauce with snap peas, spinach, and a side of spicy kimchi.  The majority of the items were locally sourced.  Since this challenge, I have started doing a lot more cooking from scratch.  I have really enjoyed the cooking.



    Lilac5 farm

    I made a dentist appointment for December, a mammogram appointment for January and our yearly wellness checkups with bloodwork in February.  Preventive health measures are a big part of being prepared.



    @Lilac5farm-you are SO right about preventative health being a big part of preparedness. DH and I got very serious about that only recently and being in our mid 60’s we’ve got some catching up to do. Currently, we are removing things from our diet little by little and the first things to go have been sugar and highly processed foods. When we want a dessert I’ve found some yummy keto recipes that satisfy a sweet tooth using stevia or other alternatives to cane sugar.

    Today I am beginning the process of making Kombucha by activating a dehydrated SCOBY that a friend sent me. Fermented foods are so good for our gut health. So, I really hope this works!



    Hieronyma Textor

    December 7: (1) Having a conversation and planning session tonight about changing the business structure to make it more flexible with regard to whose working and ability to be more mobile. Will come up with concrete plans. (2) Downloaded PDFs on earthbag building ( because I really, really want a non-toxic home we can design ourselves. Current tiny home has mold problems. Not good. Also would be optimal to have more land, even if it’s just an acre or a little less. (3) Printed out a sheet to help me plan a year’s worth of food storage. Already made strides toward that, but need to round it out and make sure it doesn’t need freezers/electricity to stay good. Trying to stay away from higher-tech stuff. Don’t want everything to spoil when the power goes out. (4) Starting a review of my favorite resources – like the one above and,,, books like “Honey from a Weed” by Patience Gray. There are a lot more. I need to organize my resources. (5) Listened to a presentation on using herbal infused oils. Need to get more details and write some stuff down and then practice it.


    rd Lucai

    I didn’t really have time to post yesterday.  I’m getting ready for a big fair this weekend and stayed up way too late.  It was a cold, cold day and the challenge I faced was keeping the fire going while being so busy. I knew when my toes got cold, I was in trouble. Spent most of the day setting up my booth.  Got the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds book today and looked through to see what I want to try and grow in the spring. There are a lot fun plant possibilities.



    Been a productive day….#3 son left early to go back to his home so got busy to take my mind off missing him…continuing to read about indoor gardening…checked on spinach that I think really needs replanting…maybe tomorrow….diet is so important for keeping healthy at my age, particularly for preventing inflamation in my joints so keeping fresh veggies in my meal planning year round is important to me. Still checking mail for my Baker Creek seed catalog. Thanks to someone for the heads up on stamps going up in January. Found a special on canned tuna today so loaded up on those. Pantry space is going to become a challenge now that I’ve decided to get serious about stocking in at least a six months supply as suggested by others. Someone mentioned watching the activity that is going on in France. I’m hoping that gets settled down soon as my granddaughter is scheduled to leave mid-January to attend school there. A crazy world, but still it’s important I think to keep on living life fully and not allow stuff to make us fearful. A line from Steel Magnolias “What doesn’t kill us, just makes us stronger.”



    Checked my dried goods inventory, and made of list. Also researched paracord, as it keeps coming up on websites and I wanted to know what is was all about.

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