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    Nw Prepr015

    I have been busy the past few days with prepping. I cleaned out the freezers and dehydrated my frozen fruit from summer into leathers. They aren’t the best ones I’ve ever made, but I didn’t expect them to be. I also read a few chapters in my old Mary Bell dehydrating book and I learned that I can make zucchini powder, beet powder and potpourri from my dead flowers. I really hate waste so I will continue to use up whats in the house and I have been trying to find other uses for foods and items past their use by date. I made homemade chicken soup from a carcass I pressure cooked the other day. I also added a few half gallons of bleach to my stockpile. Today I didn’t get much accomplished because we all have a cold. I was really surprised when I went to my medicine stockpile and I couldn’t find anything for the kids that wasn’t expired. I cleaned it out over the summer but I forgot to keep tally as to what needed to be replaced for fall and spring sickness season. That is now on my to do list. Between the family, prepping and nursing school I could seriously use a vacation.



    Thermal cooker?

    Ok, I had no idea what that was. Search engines to the rescue. That is something that is handy. I put it on my list.

    Went to the thrift store looking for tools, nothing yet. Went to TJ Maxx  and looked at backpacks and bags.

    nothing else there as far as preps.



    Dala Barnes

    Today since the canner was out I canned some beans.

    Still have to finish my Christmas cards and wrapping.


    rd Lucai

    I picked up a Saratoga Jack thermal cooler last year. Love it!!! Makes the best over night steel cut oatmeal. I also love getting it ready for an outdoor picnic. Have hot dish, will travel.



    Have not even written one Christmas card. I’m usually almost done by now. Oh well. Christmas shopping is almost done but no decorations up yet. I went to Dollar General today and picked up some extra antacids for stock, plus some non-prepping items as well. I’ve been reading through “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles. Lots of great info but the writing style is not for me. Thus the wading. Still, I want to take notes on the info in there. Tons of stuff about survival and prepping. I emptied a drawer of extraneous clothes, put them in a bin and stashed the bin. The clothes are usable, just not for now.


    Amy Dixon
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      Feeling a little “under the weather” today so I haven’t gotten as much prepping accomplished as I’d wanted to.  Peeled and froze some large pieces of fresh ginger for future use in cooking as well as in homemade herbal remedies.  Researched the names, locations, hours, and phone numbers of machine shops in my area.  I’m trying to find one that can make a minor alteration to a stainless steel metal cutting disc so it will work with the meat grinder attachment that goes with my Bosch compact kitchen machine.   Once that’s done, I can start making sausage at home.



    Have not being feeling too well for the last five days. Appointment tomorrow with my medical team, so did not have to schedule another one specifically for this issue.

    Dec. 6: Tried another new to me recipe with lentils as main ingredient. Taken from a long storage cookbook compiled through the years. Made adjustments and noted in the binder in ink instead of penciled in.

    Dec. 5: Yesterday, Mother and I went to our annual Christmas lunch with the ladies at a local retirement home. Took the time to check their inventory of items in our closet. (Where we stash dishes, napkins, serving trays etc.) Should there be an emergency due to a snow/ice storm, they are set to survive a few days before our rescue team needs to worry about. Made sure to take notes about what we think should be added, rotated or purged. Even if I wasn’t feeling optimal, I went to the event because I knew it would boost my morale.

    Dec. 4: Added cheap flashlights and lighters to my shopping list for this weekend. We are running low on those. Our emergency winter kit finally returned in the car’s trunk after being replenished with different blankets, coats, boots, change of clothes. It’s amazing to see how much weight we lost/gained. I have yet to find a low energy needed radio for when there is no power. Having to store six to ten C batteries only for that equipment seems futile. Don’t want to buy online. We used to have a smaller one, but it disappeared.

    Dec. 1-3: Read several blogs about homesteading in rural colder climate. Trying to figure out the real « needs » from the wants. As to not burn ourselves out in the first five year of taking ownership. Open-minded about of lot of stuff but don’t want to waist energy where it should not be focused. Looked into inground greenhouses and grey-water recycling. Still need guidance, but will get there one way or the other.

    Stay safe All



    Not much prepping today as some plumbing issues brought my day to a halt. Fortunately was able to get a crew out here to my rural home. Problem not catastrophic but did set me back a bit. One of those times the “emergency” fund came in handy. I did check on the spinach and it continues to live but I do think it’s time to get serious about thinning out and perhaps transplanting into some small 4″ pots. This is definitely a sharp learning curve for me, but I’m enjoying learning something new. Fun having my #3 son here for a few days. He turns 50 this week. I’m having a lot more difficulty than he is with that number. Where have the years gone? Amazon delivered my Christmas gift to myself today….a really cool gardener’s bag with some really heavy duty tools. If I were much younger I’m sure spending that money on actual long-term food items would make more sense; but, at my age why not have a bit of fun and spoil myself a little. I was raised by Depression Era parents who valued frugality. Extreme frugal I’m not, but probably a somewhat more “waste-not-want-not” type person. Happy prepping, everybody! Love your posts!


    Peppy P

    @xant dewit, sorry to hear about the farm.

    We have a winter storm watch.  Don’t get those too often around here.  Filled up the bird feeders with seed and suet.  Baked biscuits and cinnamon raisin bread.  Mixed up a batch of cleaning solution.  Inventoried and organized otc meds.



    I went to a Bible study this morning and then ate lunch and settled down for a long nap.  Got up, blew snow, ccoked supper from scratch and will read the prepper book this evening.  Not much else today.


    Lilac5 farm

    We plan to go to Tennessee tomorrow to visit our daughter and her family. We had snow today and hope that the weekend storm stays far to the south. Today I baked 2 zucchini breads to take, one to eat for breakfast and one for my daughter to freeze. She is not much of a prepper but appreciates everything I bake or cook for her freezer. I made lunches for my husband and me to eat while we are driving tomorrow.


    Didn’t get much done today as we had to go to the Funeral Parlor to pick up Mother’s cremains & death certificates. Not my best day.

    I did actually get all 10 of our Water Bricks filled. We’re going to store those tomorrow. I’ve got 6 gallon iced tea jugs waiting to be filled – “toilet water”. Daughter gave me a good idea, rather than scalding, bleaching, etc. all our jugs we could just fill them, mark them for “toilet water” and store them right in the bathroom! Ta-Da!




    Typed up my grocery store comparison spreadsheet and sorted it and then printed it out.  We went back to town and plugged in some Costco and Walmart items  and hit some sale items that beat our list for stuff we needed or will need.  Amazing the things we were sure that were cheaper at one store and found out it was not true.  It involves going back and forth to the stores to make sure…But a nice thing about Astoria Oregon is that everything is very close and we get our steps in walking around the store.   So with that walking plus around the house tinkering…got 6062 steps and 2.7 miles.  No big deal for most people but an old guy with a cane it is ok.

    Also read up on some prep sites and worked a little on my Rocket Stove.  Thought I knew where my cutting tool was but oops…old brain got me again….took about an hour to find where I put it.

    Then trying to decide what cans to use…But it is fun and a useful alternative bugout cooking tool.

    This is what I am trying for found on

    I took a picture of my parts not put together yet and drew it on my iPad…hope it looks kinda like this when I get done.



    OldMt Woman

    Whew…LOW energy day.  {frown}   Read some in the “When Power is Gone” book.  I have her ‘300 miles’ book too.  A little clearing.  A little research.  Scored a couple more dystopian type ebooks for free. Tom Abrams and LJ Andrews.  I haven’t read either of those authors but recognize their names. I avoid zombie books…on so many levels!  {roll eyes}

    DH did PM chores before he left for town.  I didn’t have the energy to do that.  Hmph…these days are annoying!  He’ll be back soon.  We finally got our humidifier running.  With the pellet stove, it’s very dry in here.  Hanging laundry helps but he dried the blankets in the dryer downstairs.  I went down to shift some papers that got damp and I’m air drying.  After we came up, there was great booming sounds from down there.  Ran down to see those paper boxes had tumbled into the furnace aluminum housing for the venting.  Lot of noise but no damage.  Startling tho…  lol

    OldMtWoman  …hoping to feel better tomorrow and get more done!


    Red Carnation

    I’m making bread in the bread machine tonight and my husband’s breakfast in the thermal cooker.

    Since we were going to be out in the cold tonight, I made my husband tea to take along.  We both dressed very warmly.  I wore two coats and brought a third one along just in case.

    Since we were in a different town, we purchased meat that was at a very good price. Yes, I got multiples. 🙂

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