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      Matt In Oklahoma

      <div>There are 2 parts to a deer scrape. The actual ground scrap in which they remove all material down to the dirt then urinate in it. The second part often missed is there will be a branch hanging about chest high above it where the rub their head and antlers leaving scent.</div>
      <div>During a full rut the branches will often be broken as a sign of aggression and a warning to others.
      <div>A deer rub can be used sometimes to see how big they are by how far off the ground the rub is and how big the tree is. The reason it’s sometimes is because in some areas the vegetation just isn’t that big along their travel path

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      Crow Bar

      I have to pay close attention as my goats will do the same to trees and shrubs.

      Those pics of the ground roughed up, found one of those about two weeks ago. Goats were in the barn so I know it was not them.

      Then this morning, walking the dog as usual. We were in one of the goat paddocks so all the weeds/brush has been cleared, only small and medium sized trees.
      And there HE is. Good sized buck. About 40 yards from me. The dog and I are standing still. I am in muck boots, blue jeans, GI woodland cammo GORTEX parka. Just standing still watching the buck. Wind was coming out of the south (light breeze) so he could not smell us. We watched him for about 3 minutes. The wind died and then I think he got our sent and took off.


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