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    Spent an hour last night getting two pounds of cranberries ready for the dehydrator.

    Sliced in half, put into the trays and started at 135f.

    This evening I will pull them out and soak them in hot simple sugar solution (equal parts water and sugar) until they are rehydrated, then put them back into the dehydrator and drying them again.

    Eventually they will find their way into a really nice spinach salad and other recipes.

    A little bit of work, when the berries are $1 a pound, I’ll do the work with a smile.

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    Wow, that is a really good idea about soaking them in sugar water. I wondered how those sweetened storebought cranberries were done and now I know 🙂

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    OldMt Woman

    …never thot of that technique.  Thanks!


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    Cranberry juice is my go-to kidney “medicine.” Today, I ordered dehydrated cranberry powder for longterm storage so I always have some available, but I’m wondering how it’s going to taste when liquid added. Cranberries are not native to my part of the world and the few times I see them fresh in the grocery store, usually around Thanksgiving, they’re really pricey. I’m just now starting dehydrating things, so I’ll put cranberries on my eventually try it list.

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    Keep checking out the store for cranberries.

    Our store is still clearing out the 2lb bags and while I had to cull a fair number,1/3lb maybe,  it was still well worth the effort.

    Tempted to grab a couple more before they are gone/rotten.

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    Cinnamon Grammy


    Thank you for the dried “Craisin” directions.  I have wondered how it was done.  I really enjoy “Craisins”.  I am putting the name in quotes because it is a proper brand name.

    How long do your dried cranberries last?   If you were not able to eat then, that is.  How do you store them?  Vacuumed sealed in canning jars?

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    Mama cando

    .OOH, thank you for the instructions. I found a couple bags of frozen cranberries at the store this last Thanksgiving.Do you think I could I dehydrate them using your “recipe” . DH and I really like to add them to salads and chicken salad. The dried bags in the stores are fairly expensive given the amounts you get in the bags for the price they charge.

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    Frozen should be fine, if they are whole you might want to half them to aid the drying.

    How long do they last?

    About two days if the kids find them.

    In the freezer, in a plain ziplock sandwich bag, the two pounds fill it when dried. But they may last until July, we eat them long before they go bad.

    On the shelf, they are gone quickly so I have no clue beyond about a month.

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    Never thought about dehydrating cranberries. Will have to give that a try. Sounds good. Can you do strawberries or blueberries doing that the same way as the cranberries. Hubby loves blueberries in oatmeal and cereal.

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    I’ve done blueberries, they come out good, but don’t overdo the drying the second time.

    Over dry like the cranberries, just like the blueberries and you have a crumbly mess that only works for baking once rehydrated.

    Strawberries I don’t put through the second drying or sugaring unless I want to “candy” them.


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    Mama cando

    Thanks again Whirlibird, Can’t wait to try it.

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