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    Crow Bar

    This report not only notes the flooding problems US farmers face, but other agriculture problems in other parts of the world.

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    This article is incomplete.

    Ug99 wheat rust spreading heavy into russia once it does wheat and grains go to zero forever

    The original field in Uganda in 1999 still can’t be planoted with cereal grains.


    Second China has new rice that grows in salt flats, it gmo who knows what effects that will have.California rice production will get devastated due to lack of water as it is super water intensive. The fires in cali wiped out most of the avacado groves


    The ogallala is almost empty of water so most of new Mexico and Texas are in trouble for ag and ranching. The columbia is used up. Basically not enough fresh water and we polluted the great Lakes till they are toxic










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    Mouse Wizard

    Corn planting is behind schedule due to flooding. Fields are still saturated or underwater.

    Soybeans are looking even worse:

    These are our two primary feedstock crops for animal feeds and fast food components.

    Maybe not a black swan but close. If you don’t grow your own, the time to stockpile cereals and meats is now. Prices will be high for sure, but we could also be facing shortages, depending on how the growing season and harvest goes.

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    Crow Bar

    Well said.

    Keeping an eye on things.

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    Crow Bar

    Update: US Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis In A Generation…And Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm

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    Also most farmers are like rest of population one failed crop (pay check) away from disaster. Already most are basically slaves to land as they own but do contract work under strict clauses for corperate onsite who own all but labor and land. From animals to feed to vet all is controlled you do as they say or else….


    Yes there is insurance but many can’t afford just like in rest of they working population. Big ag wants that so this will help them buy the land cheap once in default.


    We have to sell pork at $7 lb for ground and $10 lb for bacon  ham or sausage to make ends meet. Hang sides for $5 a lb hang Weight. $2.65 a lb at store no way you can produce it feed is more than that…. they are feeding industrial waste from food production to get that price.


    We do get that from certain places that know quality and how we raise them, but as soon as someone says can uou match walmart costco… I just tell them to buy there no point as they don’t get it. Costco hog 5 months old 250 lb ours 10 to 12 months 230 lb . Piglets they get12 to 13 we max 10 usually 8. Them 3 cycles us 2 per year. Their breeders last 4 years max our last 12 years. They cage animals our roam free in pasture, they cage for farrowing ( birthing) us there are smaller pens with a shelter and outide area for mom and pigets which we keep together for one month, commercial is 14 days then formula so more production. Us peas oat and barley no gmo no glycophate spray as well as forrage..them …what ever they will eat and gain weight.


    Ours stress free meat they walk to abbotoire on our property. Shipped for day plus in transport  then processed look at videos ours.   They back up with pail on head then it’s all over before they  know it. With thier herd and family next to them till last min of life. We don’t have any stress indicator innournmeat pse or bse minimal gmo on pesticide.


    The commercial meat is 4 lb feed 1 lb weight… our is 3 x that. When you look at our cost we are a much better deal than cheap pork but can’t compete on dollar  per lb on factory farm.


    Also we raise bio diversity 3 herds genetically as part of the foundational genome system.. rare heratige breeds, seen and best piglets sold around the world.


    The meat is well marbled the fat tastes yummy no chemical taste no weiRd masses come out when cooking. Little to no water when opening packaging.

    But most only see price $ special  at $1.65 a lb vs $7 no sales ever..

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    Please don’t think I am complaining about farming and money, I came from a corperate background as well as owned a medium sized business.  I ran the numbers for farming and picked the most viable.


    I love doing this and would never go back to corperate world for the pay. I moved to this on purpose and chose location after a 5 year search. I was a pepper for much longer, I changed to what I think is most resilient form of prepping because I truely believe that we are in for tough times and you should walk the walk if you talk the talk.

    There has been a ton of learning and mistakes but each night I hope to bed tired and not filled with angst on the what if… now at edge of property if world ended we would be ok. I know it’s hard to leave I made 1 percent money,  had the toys the lifestyle, but what in the end does that bring me as a person? I chose to get off the endless wheel of greed and go back to what fills my soul, I have time for family time for the animals I laugh from inside and honestly feel the joy of living.


    Life still and always has its challenges, I now find I have time to enjoy them, I have patience and have time for all the things that are important to me. I got to do somen of the things I dreamed of doing like building a house, now building house number 2. I have time in winter to work on the forge…to me there has always been an attraction to metal. I have time to volenteer. Ask yourself what is it to you to live really love life…. no one ever says wish i would have worked more, spent less time with family (maybe) had less time for hobbies, ate more terrible meals. Had to rush everything in life as if it was race to the end of raging river rather than slow drift down a river with friends and family on a sunny day. What is at the end? Or is it the journey? Does richest in graveyard Win a prize? If anything you can take anything with you maybe just the expiriences….. which ones are the ones that you are CHOOSING to fill yours with?

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    Crow Bar

    Well said Namelus.

    Yeah, I tell people what I charge for pork and they usually go into mild shock.
    Then I explain the difference between how Costco raises their hogs and how I do.
    Then there is the flavor factor. Mine tastes like PORK! Like, karate kick to the face PORK!

    But people who shop at Costco usually cannot tell the difference between the two, only focusing on the cost factor. Not quality.

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    OldMt Woman

    I’d want to be stuck “on the island” with you guys and your real pork.  Real food.  Family ties hold us here in the climate/altitude for now.  Know full well that we could be in jeopardy here, with little we can raise ourselves in this climate.  But we’ll stick it out until it’s time to go.  THEN immediately do as much as we can to raise our own.  Feels vulnerable now….

    OldMtWoman …gettin’ too old for this vulnerability to disaster  Hmph!

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    Well said Namelus. Good post.

    Old Mt. Woman, I agree. Getting to old for all this prepping stuff but know it has to be done. If nothing else my kids and grandkids will have it to help them out.

    Right now the only thing I have been noticing is that prices on some things are rising and on others they have lowered the prices. Also stores are not stocking like they did a couple of years ago. Used to be a lot of canned goods and cereals and such. Now very little. The meat dept. has decreased the amount of meat they put in the shelves now as well as milk and eggs have been stocked with less than what they used to carry. I think that all this flooding and fires, etc. will tell the tell in about one or two years. There is going to be a shortage of food. It is not a question of if but when. Weather all over the world has taken a bad hit over the past couple of years. I am thinking things could get worse but am praying that it will get better. I really need to take a look at my backyard to see how I can increase my garden but think it would be to much for DH to handle. So going to look into son in law and one of my neighbors to be helping out.

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    Crow Bar

    Over on TOP, Daisy did a article about the flooding in the Mid-West/farmers planting late or not at all.

    Someone commented that in the short term, as many ranchers will send their beef to market rather than pay the higher costs of feed, the price of beef at the store may drop.
    But then the rancher have to rebuild/breed their herds back up to market demand, which may take time, resulting in higher beef costs later.

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    Not sure where to put this. So figured maybe here would be good. I went to Wally world today and a couple of other stores. They have signs up stating that there is a shortage of can goods. The shelves in stores were near empty on the can good isles. So I came home and went on line to see what I could find out.  On USA today it is talking about the truck drivers not delivering on time and it will get worse over next few years.  I have not read the full article yet. But will be when I get more time.

    Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.   Not sure what is going on with the trucking industry.  I haven’s seen anything on TV about it.

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    OldMt Woman

    {eye brows raising}   Haven’t noticed it here.  Hope it’s a local, temporary thing.  Truckers have been unhappy….working conditions, mostly.  Drivers often take the brunt of things beyond their control regarding delivery.  Still…they make more than we ever did.

    But….one day, it won’t be temporary/local and then….?


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    Crow Bar

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