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    I think these are really an under-utilized piece of essential gear. Here’s some information about respirator masks to help you pick the right ones for your family.

    If you have respirator masks, what kind do you stock and why?

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    I have a 1/2 mask with P95 filters. I use it for chemical applications. I needed to fog my attic with DSV, and even though I just put it up there and left, the chemical is nasty (great disinfectant though), so even a brief exposure to it negated a mask

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    Get a Soviet GP-5 , dirt cheap , but proof for civil unrest . Full head coverage , proof against tear gas , pepper sprays , etc . No straps , just take out , and pull over your head . They were made by the millions for civil defense during the Cold War , come in kids sizes as well . First thing you do is get rid of the Soviet cartridge  ( long expired ) , and get yourself a modern industrial filter . I put on a Mestel multi filter , cost around $30 . Your good to go . The look is iconic , WW1 trenches come to mind lol .

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Which ones are best for those of us who must were glasses?  Is there any information on that?  I saved the article.


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    <u>E</u>very tried to do heavy work for more than an hour in old soviet mask? It’s rough as you over heat and start drowning in your own sweat.


    If you are that worried about full environmental contamination better off practicing l with moon suit and a papr supplied air system, it is very impractical for anything but end of the world stuff. I have had many hours in one, work goes to crawl, you are more worried about a su it puncture than anything else, and no one has proper decontamination set up to extract someone from that in regular world. You can’t put it on fully by yourself and you pray they didn’t cheap out on duct tape yeah duct tape holds part of the suit together.


    Easy way to see if you can use cbrn mask and difference is to play paintball in them as your face shield. There is a you tube video of how to make a mask mask from 2 L soda bottle would I trust my left to it no unless that or nothing because well then nothing left to lose.


    Would tape a real filter or screw one into the threaded pour spout not just a dust mask


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    Matt In Oklahoma

    This is what I stock for the wife and I. The 1/2 face design helps with glasses. Occasionally I’ll weld stuff like galvanized steel which produces toxic stuff. I’ve used it in covid environments.
    The low profile type filters help if your shooting a rifle on cheek weld.

    They don’t replace my military chemical mask for real bad stuff though.

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    DH has one he used when he worked for the gas company. It was the chemical mask. He had to put the odorizer in the gas lines along with other things he did. A drop of that stuff at Christmas would clear out a mall so fast because they think there is a gas leak. Then you can shop without crowds. No we did not do that.  But it would have been fun to watch.

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