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    Ya, woohan flu, sars, mers, chicken pox, blah, blah, blah.

    Ok so lets look at things that not only really happen but that can screw up your life overnight and what you can do to get over them

    I recently had the displeasure of essentially losing the use of one arm for over a month. Bursitis.

    After a cortisone shot, and a month of physical therapy I have full movement of the arm again, if not full use, it still hurts to go past certain points, but its still improving.

    First thing, have some therapy gear. I never thought I would need 5lb dumbbells but here we are.
    Same for a yoga ball, and resistance bands.


    Second, some printed and video copies of the exercises.


    Thirdly, be nearly religious about the routines. I van literally feel when I miss a day.

    More to follow

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    Sorry to hear that whirlibird have you tried dmso (dimethylsulfoxide )on joints. It works for me on shoulders with severe arthritis in them along with bone ends worn off.


    It only will work on bursitis if non infection kind.


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    Crow Bar

    Sorry to hear that Whirli.

    But it is the little things that only seem little that side swipe you.

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    From a survival standpoint, how could this have (how does it) effected me?
    Simply put, I couldn’t lift a spare AR magazine, a quart bottle of water, pretty much anything for a while.

    Had SHTF while I was down, what would I have needed to have, both equipment wise and knowledge wise to get through this?

    So now I have a bunch of videos downloaded and printed out, not just for the shoulder and the appropriate gear to work through issues when they come up again.

    But it made me look hard at what I was going to do, “tool” wise. How do you do what you need to do with only one arm?
    And not just splitting wood, or starting the chainsaw, but tying the laces of your boots. Getting dressed. Doing the dishes.
    Suddenly all those little things in life, become a challenge or an issue.

    How do you treat them and work around them?


    For me, some things are becoming more ambidextrous and definitely lighter. Easier to work with one handed.

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      Crow Bar


      Good on ya for thinking ahead, and for thinking of work arounds if possible.

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    Also another reason small groups are vulnerable after shft,  what if is a longer healing injury? Or worse a permanent disabling it can put your small group survival at risk.


    Whirlibird has done his best to prepare but there is ALWAYS random events that can not be for seen.  Sometimes you just need more people. Keeping animals is one. How can we  feed this many animals over winter? Even if land is all set not needing clearing  planting weeding and harvesting are super labor intensive expecially with no fuel. What happens if this would happen at harvest and you lose 2 people?




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    Crow Bar

    There is a group of friends in the area we get together with on a semi-regular basis.
    People power is not lost on us.
    Nor is animal power, for which we all know we are going to need the Amish for help, as they have all the animals, gear, machinery to do all those pre-tractor means of planting and harvesting.

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    OldMt Woman

    Glad you’re feeling better, Whirl!  My doc and I have been getting WAY too well acquainted this winter too.  Hmph.  Finally over it…..but now to get back up to strength.  I’ve been doing short walks…nothing like the stamina I had going into this winter tho.  And then there is incessant snow…  I’m getting my rehab by snow removal and ice chopping.  Not exactly the specific rehab but it will eventually restore my stamina.

    We’ve had to rethink a lot of things ….giving up some things that cost too much energy.  When we get near to our family group…eventually…we can pick up some of those things again.  But not yet.  Scares me not to have it all but….you work with the cards that are dealt this time ’round.

    OldMtWoman…canes, crutches, braces, wraps, hot/cold packs…got ’em!

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