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      I didn’t know you could freeze milk until somebody said that here this week. If I had known I would have a several gallons in the freezer now.

      Any idea how quickly freezing something would kill COVID-19?

      What about just putting milk or something else in the refrigerator?


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      Crow Bar

      I do not know.

      Good question.

      If I get a chance today to research it I will.

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      Mouse Wizard
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      That’s bad.I ordered some milk and other stuff via walmart pickup today. Can pickup tomorrow. Guess I’m going to have to wipe it all down with clorox wipes, while wearing the purple gloves. I would hate to put stuff in the fridge with the clorox wipe stuff on them. Maybe wait a couple of minutes and wipe down with a wet paper towel and dry?

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      This video is greate. It answers my questions and more!!!

      Watch the video, it is great!!

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        Just read an article that says DON’T was fresh veggies and fruit with soap, just cold water. Says the soap can give you GI problems. Sorry, I can”t find the article now to include a link.

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      Josefina Arenas

      Yes, saw the video on Facebook yesterday.  I’m already doing much of what he says, but was surprised to learn that hot foods do not carry the virus well, and also that coronavirus can survive in a frozen environment.  Good information!

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      Rich Sullivan

      First of all soap alone kills the virus through dissolving its lipid coat, lipid being another word for fat and you seen how soap cuts through any sort of fat. Second pasteurization kills the virus a lot better than a damn freezer, it you are that concerned you should heat up the milk instead. What is so surprising about hot food killing the virus, if it can burn your skin how do you think the virus is going to feel? Like it got hit with napalm of course. This virus whatever it is is not indestructible outside the body, it is when it get in things gets difficult.

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      Chesty Puller

      My wife and I use a spray bottle filled with white vinegar to clean kitchen surfaces and clean vegetables in colander. Hose it down, let it sit for five minutes and rinse off. A butcher told me about using white vinegar. He recommended using a towel to wipe meats down using it. Keeps bacteria levels low. When I process a deer for the freezer I use this.

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      OldMt Woman

      {roll eyes}  If you chose to wash fresh veggies/fruit [ones like peppers, apples, skins of oranges] with soap which is excellent for killing this virus, of course you must RINSE WELL!  Soap and human GI tract does not get along.  But I think we’re all bright enough to know that…….or…..maybe some are not?  {shrug}  That is my method.  Wash and RINSE WITH WARMER WATER….anything that can get wet.

      Otherwise, wipe with the ALCOHOL wipes. LET THAT DRY/EVAPORATE ON IT’S OWN…or you cut short the sanitizing effect. 60 – 70% is best for timing that evaporation….[but you can water down the 90% if that’s what you bought.]

      10% BLEACH / 90% water is sanitizing solution for modern labs…..IF the subject of that sanitizing can tolerate bleach.  Use gloves….even at 10%, bleach will be hard on those hands that you’re constantly washing these days.

      We remove the outer wrapping of most anything….including the mail.  Throw away the outside packaging/envelopes, etc ….go immediately to wash hands.  Cauliflower, box of fresh mushrooms, etc. all have outer cellophane wrapping.  Assume inner contents have been in transit long enough for virus to die…..{hopefully}

      OldMtWoman  ….my hands have finally toughened up with all this EXTRA hand washing!

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