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    Crow Bar

    So it was suggested that if you happen on a makeshift farmers market or even barter town, and you see something you want to trade for, tell the person who has the item you want to trade. But dont tell him what you are going to trade for. Then tell him to meet you down the road a 1/2 mile in 20 minutes.
    Come alone.
    At the rendezvouses site at the appointed time, you have your . . . team . . . hidden and covering you when you go to make the trade.

    What other dumb tactical strategies have you heard?

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    People forget that everybody else will be just as paranoid as they are . There is a good reason why everyone from spies , to drug dealers , sometimes make exchanges in highly public places .

    ” All plans fall apart at first contact with the enemy ”
    Erwin Rommel

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    If only you could see my inbox, guys.

    I get emails with strategies that are mindboggling in both their intricate detail and their inability to ever possibly work. They aren’t necessarily tactical, but here are a couple of ill-conceived plans. And when I say “people” yes that means that more than one person has promoted the following ideas to me.

    I have people telling me about their plan to spend an entire winter in a pit they’re going to dig in the forest in Montana. Have you ever tried to dig a hole in the forest? There are these things called roots that will really put a damper on your plans. And Montana. Montana is COLD AS HECK. You’re not going to live there in a pit all winter.

    I have people telling me how they plan to go into hibernation. Literal hibernation. Slowing their blood pressure, restricting food and water, etc., so they can just hunker down without much food.

    Of course, if I reply and recommend that folks try to keep it a bit more simple, they get mad and unsubscribe.

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, the guy got a lot of responses to the affect of,
    “You and your . . . team, are going to be at the rendezvouses point, all by your lonesomes, waiting for a long time!”
    The second best was,
    “Your not going to be doing a whole lotta trading like that.”

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    Daisy Wow!

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    Crow Bar

    Oh, I have no doubt.
    There is one person whom I am expecting to show up here. I will PM when he does for the pre-show!

    Here is another one:
    SO! The guy has enough MREs for him, his wife and daughter. 20k of ammo for each gun, blah, blah, blah.
    They are going to stay in the house, for one whole year.
    Never go out!
    Ok. So. How do you go to the head/bathroom?
    Dig a trench out in the backyard next to the wooden privacy fence.
    3 people. For one year.
    Seeing as how the average American craps about 1,200lbs of poo a year (source: Humanmanure Handbook), 3 people, 3,600lbs of crap . . . that is going to be a big ol trench. Smelly too. And have to be done with hand tools.

    He also advocated putting the carcass of a dead animal out front of your home and make your home look looted. Like, broken windows and such.
    Think about that one for a moment.

    Personally, I thought his wife and daughter were likely to end up killing him in his quest for ultimate OPSEC, than some MZB.

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    Oh my gosh, Crow Bar. I also put my money on the women getting sick of him!

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      Solution : The Turdmaster 2000 , catapult . Each has a padded seat , with a roll of spare bags on each side ………just go , and throw ! , Yes ! with the Turdmaster 2000 its that easy . Eliminates waste to a maximum range of 300 yards .

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    Crow Bar

    Yep, Daisy!
    That is why I started this thread!
    Like I said in the other thread, awaiting for the cammo wave of Rambozman3000 to show up.

    Dont get me wrong, there can be some good conversations. But they have a terrible habit of going some some really weird and strange rabbit holes. A lot of wild assumptions you will see.

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    I guess it’ll give me inspiration for a follow-up article called, “12 MORE Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed.

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    Interesting thing is , I actually do know how to make a structure , that you wouldn’t know it wasn’t real , if you were standing on it . I worked in artificial habitats / theming industry for over 25 years , Its not rocket science , however it does take money , more than most people can justify spending ( myself included ) We do 50 % of the disguise , nature does the other 50 % . Same old story , lot of things are actually practical , and possible if money is not an issue . Most of the technology has existed for a long time now , its just bringing them together . Another thing that makes me wonder about how people think , are all those guys that constantly talk about shooting at very long ranges . Think about that for a moment . If you can’t see something clearly with the naked eye , without use of a magnification scope , do you really want to be , or should you really be shooting at it ? Seriously , if a perceived threat is that far away , there is a very good chance that they have no clue that you are even around . Why open up a can of worms , that you may wish you hadn’t , and just let them pass on by ? Even if its game they are talking about , have fun with that bud ! better you than me , that has to march out there , hope you can find it , if you don’t drop it with the first shot , THEN have to drag that heavy deer or whatever , ALLLLLL the way back to where you took the shot in the first place , most likely farther than that . You have fun with that Bub .

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    Valerie Stonecypher

    Anyone who attempts to sell a valuable item (especially used cars and jewelry) on Craigslist develops severe paranoia and a fear of meeting anywhere but in front of a police station right quick. The crazies abound.

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    Crow Bar

    Now that was funny!

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    Wolf Brother

    My neighbor, who does not know I prep, keeps telling me about how he’s going to his brothers house in the country because “My Brother said he is a preppier.”

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    Tolik, In reference to long range shooting. You’re better off to have the capability if needed, than to need it and not have it.

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    One of my favorites is someone is going to take what they need from “X”.
    My #1 of these is raiding the mormons.

    Living in a heavily LDS community I can say a few things with certainty.
    First, you are outnumbered.
    Second, you are probably outgunned.
    Thirdly, do you realize how many people have said just that? It is expected, literally.
    It ended up being a subject for discussion during a class.

    Another time a person related how he and his team would make their way to my area and take over an area and set up “shop”.
    Didn’t have the heart to tell him that a large portion of our local shooters are not just vets, but accomplished long range shooters.
    That for a charity shoot a couple of years ago, the winner was a 17 year old girl, at 1000y. The results were astounding actually.

    The list of stupid SHTF comments is endless, we all have used or thought of one or two in our ‘prepping’ lives.

    My most heard is probably “I’m safer living way out here” or some variation.
    I look at ambulance response time, fire department response time even without it being SHTF and wonder.
    We moved to town.

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    Not a dumb strategy, just very clever ways of using open places, police stations, a bank, remote gates / garage doors or helping people that end up with you being robbed, or worse.

    How we do it in Africa. 🙂

    Case 1:
    Friend of ours was selling his car. Nice lady came to see the car, met his wife, all was 100% legit, she wants it. She wisely insisted the financial transaction to take place inside a bank of his choosing. I mean, that is really sensible, right?

    As he stops in front of the bank, the lady who is buying the car gets in and points to a car across the street with 3 males in it, all 3 watching them and waving. Lady says, please, give me your ID, cellphone, car keys. Now, she tells him, go into the bank and draw all the cash you have, bring a slip as proof of the accounts and the cash. If you tell or warn anyone, or not comply, the guys over there are going to visit your house, we know your wife and kids are at home right now. She got that info when she met the wife when viewing the car, all in an innocent conversation about school and kids between two females.

    He did as he was told, left with no cash, no car, no cell and no ID. He did report the “bank heist” and car theft to the bank and police station, bank was worried that it was a hoax. Case is still ongoing.

    Case 2:
    Either a woman or a smallish child, stands next to the road looking desperately for help. So one stops, people or good. The lady / kid gets in and ask you to please take them home, not the police station, just home please, my dad / husband will beat me.

    So you take them home. When you get there you are asked to please walk them to the door. As you get to the door their is a gun pointed in your face. You lose.

    Case 3:
    Walls around our properties, 6 foot or higher, good and a bad move. You have a nice outside barbecue, 20-30 guests. Next moment 4-8 armed guys jump over the wall and rob everyone at their leisure, no-one can see from the street.

    Case 4:
    Car security gates / garage doors, the ones you press the remote to open, really easy targets for a car jacking. Whilst you wait, knock knock on the window, guy standing their with a gun, other car blocking your reverse.

    Case 5:
    Bolted in security gates at you front door with linked alarm and armed response. Take the really good guys 1-3 minutes to get in through the gate and door, enough time to steal TV’s, laptops etc, and drive away at their leisure, before the security company / police arrives 5 minutes later. They drive top of the range stolen cars, dressed in suits, no indication they “look” questionable.

    A person/s wanting to rob you, if they really think about it, can take what they want when they want. Robbing is not our day job. We have no training on how to protect ourselves with the really determined, clever ones.

    Dumb tactical strategies, if you do that, just means their is more for the rest of us when the SHTF. 🙂

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    @whirlibird, I’m with you on no longer living way out in the boondocks. My daughter and I used to live on a gorgeous farm in the mountains of California. Our driveway was a quarter mile long at the end of a 4 mile, windy gravel road.

    One late afternoon, my daughter was out feeding the livestock when a car with no license plate showed up. There were 3 men in it claiming to be having car trouble. I hustled out with a gun in the pocket of my hooded sweatshirt and got myself in between them and my daughter. I sent her inside, where she called 911 and brought the dogs from the backyard into the house. At that point, I asked them to leave and they said, no, they were going to come into my house to “make a phone call.”

    I showed them the gun and said, “No, you’re going to leave NOW.” They suddenly got their car to work and left in a hurry. The cops rather uselessly showed up more than 45 minutes later.

    We lived there for another year but when it was time to move so my daughter could go to trade school, I chose to live in town. Not a huge city – but we’re a part of civilization again.

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    “No, you’re going to leave NOW.”

    @daisy, you where lucky or they where just really dumb or opportunistic. I lean towards opportunistic dumb.

    Black minibus taxi in a suburb. The white Merc driver got fed-up, took out his Glock and pressed it flat against his windscreen, to intimidate the taxi driver.

    Guys in the back of the minibus taxi took out a AK-47 and pressed flat against the minibus taxi’s rear window. Merc driver left the scene ASAP. Happened in a busy street in the middle of a suburb.

    Knowing that the majority of people could be armed puts a whole new level of awareness on the “questionable” persons view. If I was in their shoes, the 3 guys wanting to make a “phone call”, we (me and my 2 buddies) would have been prepared for anyone taking out a gun. If I really wanted to get in, one of us would have been behind you as I drive up to the house.

    Yes, I think of these things, as Preppers are supposed to. 🙂

    I would have a perimeter alarm over the road, preferably around the property, that one is warned someone is coming up the road or came across the fence. Want to know people are on their way to my home, not when they have arrived at my door / window. Would link it to the alarm system and cellphones, to beep when activated, or set the alarm off.

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    Listen to people on the internet forums long enough, and you will hear enough dumb bizarre things to write a long book.

    I just heard someone vehemently state the following, in all seriousness I suppose.

    ***** my firearms are NOT going to fail. Not during my lifetime nor that of my children.*****

    No amount of arguing could change his mind, and he hates me for trying.

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    I hear this alot in hurricane country ( Florida)

    Me: So whats your plan when a hurricane hits?

    Them:Oh we’ll just get in the car and drive to another place.

    Now hurricane Irma was the size of texas and there was no “other” place.

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    Crow Bar

    How many times do we see people with that mentality, and then they are stuck on the side of the road, ran out of gas as they thought they would gas up outside of town.

    Friend of mine was down in Naples FL when Maria came through. He did have a full tank, but was getting worried, and the needle was heading for E when he finally found a gas station, with gas, just pass the FL/GA line.

    A few million people, trying to flee an area, not only is gas in short supply, but hotel rooms.

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    Thats what happened to some relatives. Electric was out, and thus no a/c. They tried to find rooms, but all were booked. Finally on day 8 of what turned out to be an 8 day outage they got one,( it was the only one ) And that was probably due to the power being restored, and people checking out.

    I bought them a generator. Will need to check on gas cans though and first aid supplies

    Sadly, some people dont get that resources are limited. And that if you cant get out because the roads are flooded, the trucks with supplies cant get in.

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    Corsair  if you have natural gas you might want to get a gen set for that as pressure is not affected by power outages. It won’t last forever in shft but through emergency it’s easier than keeping gas for it and gas can be used for things you can’t get in natural gas. Just get a line run to garage with a vented sound insulated box for generator allowing for air flow and exhaust, make sure it’s off floor in case of flooding. They are loud exhaust,  can be fitted with a motor cycle or car muffler just make sure it does not cause too much back pressure.

    Have a change of oil as they are not filtered and oil should be changed regularly when running 24 hours to keep house powered up.


    There are also tri fuel that run on propane/natural gas/ gasoline I have not run one like that but remember old trucks bing converted they never really ran well but maybe tech has improved.

    I practice the desert island mentality. What’s on your land is all you have along with your skills make it work or fill the gaps. This is way easier in the country side and nearly impossible in the city as you would violate every city ordinance.





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    OldMt Woman

    Dumb plan: FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS!!!

    Now…there are mountains and then….there are MOUNTAINS.  I live at such high mountain elevation  that even the pre-industrial/pre-tech folks migrated south for the winter.  They were the original “snow birds”.  LOL   If those long-ago folks….experts in living rough and living off the land decided not to stay year ’round, verrrry few of us are going to make it long term.  Short term crisis….not a problem.  [Except those blasted wildfires]  Long term …where replenishment of supplies will be needed….whole ‘nother story.

    So why are we still here?  Have a commitment to our elderlies that trumps [as in cards, not prez] the survival issue.  For now.  Eventually…that will change.  We’re well situated but would eventually need to relocate.  Post-stuff-hitting-fan relocation is also not a good plan usually.  But …it is our choice for now.  Sometimes surviving post Stuff Hitting Fan is not the main goal.  It’s a BIG goal….but there are a few that rise above even that.


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    Biggest problem is people lie to themselves about skills,gear, and human nature.


    any population center means more competition for resources,  it turns ugly fast, expecially when no repercussions. Alone in woods has its own challenges a group in the woods on prepared site with years of functioning, practice and right kind of people who have faced adversity together before as a group that is a tough nut to break. Anything can be over run and taken, but you can make darn sure it won’t be easy fast or cheap.

    The one universal rule is

    1)you need to be lucky and have skills, skills buy you more tickets in luck lottery of life.


    The lies we tell ourselves that can have severe consequences


    Shooting a stationary paper target at bench rest makes you a operator able to shoot and kill another human being including kids… Yeah no.


    Buying seeds, taticool gear and some mre makes you a hard core survivalist oh and watching  dooms day tv stuff  preps you for reality of shft.


    That range buddies who have never been under fire will have your back in a shft situation.


    That there won’t be double standards and equality and democracy will be how a group is managed. Plus same treatment  of group members will apply to strangers.

    The I am coming over to x persons,looting x store is my plan

    That watching on tv,reading about or gong out every once in awhile makes you skilled in such things when shft. That you will be able to read book and magically be able to do things like a matrix download

    That you can keep the same set or morals that you have now and survive without breaking bending or ignoring nearly all of them.


    That if this goes badly it will return to “normal” in a little while. More likely never comming back to this age of decadence for half a century or more.


    That in shft cities wont become open air cesspits with diseases running amok, of course you can time it perfect and take all your gear with you find the cabin in the woods and live off the land with no conflicts. Fish hunt and garden like a god no effort no mis takes and with 2 or three people…


    I can survive shft with a group of less than 20 well trained dedicated adults with diverse skills.


    So many more delusions  could go on forever. as having to be near a city center because of health and medical services is basically telling you that you won’t make it if it is a long term issue. There is a reason in war zones the young and elderly perished first.


    These are ugly truths




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    I try not to project a badaz image in the real world, it being counterproductive in many ways. Sometimes people will tell you things about themselves, if they feel dominate, that they wouldn’t otherwise.

    When I built my house in the woods where I live now, I was talking to a neighbor that I didn’t know well. He was recovering from a bad accident on a job site, he being an industrial plumber, also a Vietnam era Navy veteran. The talk wandered around to being somewhat prepared for situations in which food could be in short supply, or nonexistent. I asked him if he was prepared to any degree to deal with that eventuality.

    I was stunned by his reply. Now this was a seemingly decent person, a supervisor of many workers on large plumbing jobs, about 62 years old with grown children and grandchildren. He said he had no food stocks to speak of. He then said he would send his son to my door, for instance, to ask for food, while he hid in the woods with a firearm, and if the answer to his son’s entreaty was negative, well, he would get what he felt he needed by force.

    I didn’t react badly even though it was very alarming, just chuckled as if I thought it a joke, and changed the subject, no need to be confrontational, let him think he could get away with such an idiotic plan, rather than cause him to think up a better, more effective one. I told my wife about it, and we will react as necessary if the time comes to do so. We will never trust the guy, or his children for that matter. To be honest, under shtf circumstances, no one will be trusted, as I know what people are capable of doing when they are desperate.

    There was another one, years ago, a guy I had known since high school. He was a drug addict, used most anything available to get high, starting out with huffing gasoline out of a paper bag as a boy. His dad was a salesman for drug companies, and kept his overflow of pharmaceuticals on the closet floor about a foot deep. The guy said he would experiment with different things and his dad never knew.

    Anyway this guy showed me a new .270 bolt action rifle with scope he had purchased. Now I knew this guy didn’t hunt, always kind of scared of the woods. So I asked him why he bought the firearm, as it was a good bit of cash. He said he was getting worried about things, shtf sorts of things, and that he was going to survive by sniping others and taking what he wanted.

    This really angered me, but I didn’t react, I just found an excuse to go my way, and to avoid him ever after. I told my wife and son that in a real shtf situation, if this guy showed up where we live, to shoot him on sight, don’t even attempt to talk to him, that he was that dangerous. Fortunately the creep doesn’t know where we live now, but he could find out with a bit of diligent searching. Hopefully he will die of an overdose, or get run over before I have to deal with his schemes.

    Most everyone has the potential to do horrific things if the pressures upon them are severe enough. I shake my head at those who say they will walk on water through the shtf lands, bringing kindness and love to all …… potential raiders, murderers, rapists, or dead people without a clue, living in fantasy land because thinking about such things is so repugnant.


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    Crow Bar

    I read a study that showed most adults see themselves as they did at their prime. Like the high school football jock, who 20 years later is over wight, balding, but still walks and talks like back when he was a teenager.

    Dont get me wrong, time waits for no one, and I am not under the delusion I will ever run a 18:05 3-mile run again.
    But do the best I can.

    Lots of guys think they are the next American Sniper. They go to the range, shoot paper, at 100yrds, sitting at a concrete bench, off a lead sled and slap themselves on the back.
    Now, there are a few guys shooting long range, but with help from a wind meter, and a ballistic app.

    I have to disagree with you to a degree about reading a book to learn a skill. I have learned many skills via books. Now, was I an expert after one reading? Nope! Lots of trial and error or just going through the motions more than a few times I gained the knowledge and experience.
    But I agree with you that just reading it once, and thinking you are an expert, and will suffice post-SHTF is not real. Bad time for OJT too.

    I have known more than a few preppers who only plan for a SHTF situation to last a year. And they dont believe that things will get so bad they will be required to grow anything.
    Could the next economic crisis be like the Great Depression where things are still working, there still is social order?
    But I would not bet on it.
    Not in this day and age.

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    Old Mtn Woman, in pretty much complete agreement.

    We live in a similar situation elevation and cold.

    Unlike the natives to the area, who also were the original snowbirds, we have the technology and knowledge to make these places livable year round.

    Propane, fuel oil, wood and coal, all easily stocked now.  The same for food, be it canned, dried, freeze dried or even fresh grown in a greenhouse.

    Unlike them we can store up calories and energy units for winter use.

    Those who plan to go ‘native’ should plan to starve and freeze. While there are a surprising number of critters around here, access to them is pretty much shut off once the snow starts flying. People who aren’t from here, don’t understand what 40′ of snow looks like.

    The 5′ of snow in the front yard has just about melted away, thanks to two days of soft rain. As usual, the yard looks like a neutron bomb went off. And frost on everything this morning. Living in these places requires a different set of rules.

    I tell people who are gonna head for the hills to sign over the deed to their property and house to me before they go. I may not survive in our town, but my odds are better than theirs out there. And why not profit from it?

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    James Mitchner

    Interesting perspectives, all.  Truth is, none of us know what might befall us in the future.  Impossible to prepare for everything, isn’t it?  Recommendations can be found running from having a 72-hour emergency stash to a full-blown survival group cloistered away at some remote retreat with enough supplies cached to last for years.  There was never a more true statement than from Clint Eastwood when he said in one of his movies, “A man must know his limitations”.  Limitations associated with prepping could include one’s physical condition, age, financial resources, geography, even time.  You can be strong in one area or you can spread yourself out and be weak in all areas.

    There are a sufficient amount of real-life events that have occurred the we can learn from with regards to our own preparedness, and none of them are the “Mad Max” type event that has become so popular to talk about on sites like this one.  I’m thinking of weather events like Katrina, wildfires in the West, blizzards in the Norther Tier, or floods in the Midwest.  Individuals like Selco from the Balkans and Ferfal down in Argentina provide us first-hand accounts of the social and economic disorder they lived through.

    I do what I can with the focus on being reasonable.  I know what the likely risks are where I live and have taken what I think are necessary and proper precautions to help me survive them even if I am unable to mitigate them entirely.  I also operate under the premise that “Loose lips sink ships”, and that acting ignorant is not a bad strategy. 😉

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    Crow Bar

    Well said.
    I try to balance it out with having friends, neighbors with skills sets I dont have (e.g. one neighbor can do anything with metal, and some fabrication).

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