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    James Mitchner

    Early muzz season started here on Nov. 3. Hunted a couple of days here on the place without any success so far. Stayed over on the far end and only saw one doe. But she got the drop of me before I could pivot around and raise the rifle. Such a lack of seeing deer was frustrating considering they appear all over most of the year. So, I changed up.

    I moved closer to the house. So close I can hear when the heat pump comes on! I’m hunting a hardwood ridge in all its fall splendor. Saw five deer yesterday, but no shots. Also saw a black bear, but the season for them doesn’t begin until tomorrow, Nov. 10, with muzzle loader. Hunted the same place this morning and could have killed three before the wind kicked up and the rain returned. But two were small does and the third a spike buck. I really don’t care to kill a buck since does likely outnumber then 8 to 1. I really would like a fat doe to go in the larder. Maybe tomorrow.

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    Saw about 35 deer today, several nice 4×4’s included.
    Of course the season has been over for almost a month.
    Definitely going to be changing areas for next year.

    The closest was about 20′ away as I took a picture.

    The bucks I saw over the weekend would make you cry. See if I can post a video of them.

    Next year, late season elk again, the standard season is way too early.

    Actually considering archery and BP next year for deer, skipping the elk.
    We shall see.

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    James Mitchner

    I would have to visit a zoo to see 35 deer in a day! But I have been seeing them since I relocated by stand.

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    Deer are like rabbits around here, we kill more of them on our local highway than anywhere else, by one Sheriffs report.

    Seeing 35+ a day is actually pretty easy, although the bucks tend to disappear for about a month every year.

    Still trying to figure out how to post a video without photobucket.

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