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    All in my daughter’s house have come down with what sounds to me like a 24 hour bug. We talked about it and decided one of her roommates brought it home from the preschool where she teaches and had it a couple of days ago. Now the roommate is visiting her parents and I hope they don’t get it.

    So, I thought that if this was widespread I would just stay home a few days. But how to find out if it is widespread? It might take some time to make the news.

    Now, I don’t think this thing at my daughter’s is a problem. But what if something alarming/scary, in a disaster/prepper sense, starting happening in many places. I, for one, would sure like to know about it! All here would. Be nice to beat everybody else to the drugstore or bank or Walmart by a few hours, you know. Just as this doesn’t become rumor central.

    So what kind of events? These disaster list or here Daisy’s list

    Daisy, Selco, if you think this is a bad idea, then delete this.

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    anon 411

    The AT&T landline at my house went out earlier today. No dial tone. The Internet service, through AT&T Uverse is still working. However, the land line has gone out before when the Internet was still working. This indicates to me that the problem is not in the line to my house, but in a switching station somewhere. Not really a big deal.

    Here is the strange thing. I call the AT&T repair service line and it’s computer tell me that repair service is only available from 7am to 11pm. This message has been on everytime I have called this afternoon, CDT.

    Anybody else having trouble with their AT&T landline? Or maybe any carrier’s landline this afternoon? Or gotten this message when calling AT&T repair service?

    I’m not suggesting their is a problem, just asking a question.

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    Crow Bar

    They never really even enter into my mind anymore.
    The last house I was in (renting) that had a landline was back in 2001.

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    anon 411

    The landline in question is now working again as is AT&T Repair Service, which I was never able to find working yesterday. Makes me wonder if they were hacked, but I’ll probably never know.

    The purpose of my post was to gather information. If several people had responded yesterday saying yes, their landline was down and they too couldn’t contact repair service and if such respondents were from all over the country, I would have seriously considered grabbing cash out of the safe and making an emergency food and supply run to walmart and the drug store.

    Had my Internet and cell phone also not have been working I would have hurriedly turned on my TV to local stations for news about the outage (which I did anyway and found nothing). Had they have reported an outage, or been unavailable, I would have been out the door like a shot, while trying to find news on the car radio.


    The landline belongs to a family member. Personally I got rid of mine years ago. However, there is a small chance that a landline might continue to work when all else fails.

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