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    Hold on and get cash out of banks

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    We have 3 separate accounts in the markets.

    I pulled the major/largest one out a week or so ago.
    Left the two smaller ones in, as to buy during the lows. we will see how they perform in the long run.

    They did (combined and averaged) 16.5% last year.

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    They have been saying that for decades now . Sort of like that wacko you see in NYC street corner , with a big sign around his neck saying  ” The end of the world is this year ” , with a bible verse or two under it . Problem is , next year he will still be there with the same sign . Perhaps different street corner . If and when it does happen , it will be too sudden to react , like in 1929 , because our system really hasn’t changed all that much . The stock market did it the first time , and will do it again , because we have failed to get it under control .

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    and it gets worse

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    A lot worse.

    glad to see everyone still here. it has been awhile since I have been on. Lot’s of catching up to do.

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