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    Matt In Oklahoma

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Last year I hosted a training session in which I asked everyone to bring the edged weapon they would most likely carry if SHTF. I specifically requested a combat knife and anything else they might use. We had a variety of knives so I discussed the difference in “combat” vs others and showed them reasoning behind it.
    I took the least experienced member and asked to be attacked with a training knife. They simply stood there holding it with the deer in the headlights look. Everyone thinks they know what to do but…. it wasn’t to embarrass them as I explained it was to show that we need to increase training to bring us all up to the level of preparedness to rely on one another.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>
    I then took a heavy jacket and placed it over a kids punching bag to simulate winter usage. I had them first use slicing movements then stabbing. Most seemed shocked that slicing failed to penetrate or get through the zipper.
    We then broke out the morning star, battlehawks and other oddball things brought.
    For several it was the first time ever actually stabbing and slicing as if they were going to kill. Hesitation and deep thought was apparent. The reason for this session was to get that out as there won’t be time. You will always react better if your mind/body “has been here before”.

    Safety: Some needed to wear a glove because of poor knife designs with no guards or grip depressions. Often when investigating edged weapon crimes the perpetrator cuts themselves due to bad handling or poor design. Keep others out of reach of an accidental wild swing.

    Cost: $2 coat from thrift, $30 punching bag, little tape and an area.

    We then discussed target areas and hopefully this summer I’ll be able to move it up a level to some actual fighting with training knives.

    I’m encouraging, begging and hoping that folks will get out of their comfort zone and do something like this because buying things isn’t enough. The group was half the size it should have been because (Insert excuses). For a small amount equal to a range day or less we did something that built up everyone.

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    Crow Bar

    We were taught to use the icepick grip in the USMC.

    I prefer Ka-BARs not only because of the USMC, but I like the pommel that can be used as a hammer when nothing else is handy. Had to use it in that capacity more than a few times.

    I also like the Becker TAC tool.
    The used to make a Becker half knife, half ax that is really great, great sheath too. I use it all the time around the farm. They quit making it.

    This winter going to try training using a tomahawk in the right hand, and the KA-BAR in the left hand, icepick grip on a few 2x4s.

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    John Park

    I’ve been considering some take on the old push knife concept, not having to learn a new combat skill set.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    A Kali “Heaven and Earth” type movement might work using both.

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    Never bring a knife to a gun fight .

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      Matt In Oklahoma


      Your basing that statement on what Tolik?


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      Crow Bar

      Oh, by all means, do bring a gun.

      But what to do if you run out of ammo?

      Happened to one of my drill instructors during Gulf War 1.0, hand to hand combat.

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    Under 20 feet a person with a non firearm has advantage over 25  and gun slinger will if they can hit.


    As for hand to hand  it depends on your skill strength and agility. Most don’t have powerful  enough muscles to wield a  larger blade or axe for more than a few minutes at full pace combat. Many edged  weapons break, dull or get stuck.  Want to see how good you are  try a Melee at a  sca event.  No it’s not trained  fighters as such but you will.get the feel of open combat against heavy padded weapons… the impacts and how winded you get  multi opponents hitting you at once.


    I would not suggest women spend alot of times on this for two reasons if you close to hand to hand you will be at a huge disadvantage against a Male  movie bs aside there is a reason men and women don’t compete in mma or fighting arts in same class normally.


    Yes you can get that skill level given years of dedication… I would spend it else where.  Marital prowess  learned late should be  fall back when all else goes wrong as you will NEVER  BE AS GOOD a a 25 to 30 year old  who has been taught well from childhood.


    Its perishable use it or lose it and as we get older our bodies  start  degrading




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